Part 3 of the Ultimate Bloggers “Fitmas” Gift Guide

We’re back… with more inspiration for fittie gift buying this Christmas. Part’s 1 and 2 (which you can catch here …and here) went down really well, so I have three more ladies who have kindly shared their wish lists with me…

I think Christmas is really on its way and for the first time in what seems like a very, very long time, it might be a White Christmas as it’s already been snowing here in London.

Everyone seems to be completely enamoured with the snow (I can’t blame them) but what makes it annoying is that the entire country seems to grind to a halt… cancelled trains, roads blocked, cancelled flights, power cuts… so the only answer is to indulge in a little gift buying online…

So, first up…


Hello from Florida! I’m Corey – a Type 1 diabetic adrenaline junkie, loves running, OCR’s, ultras, you name it. Here are some of my Christmas Gift must buys for the runner in your life.

Road ID – you can never be too safe, especially if you run alone a lot like me

Medal Lamp – Talk about a conversation piece!  I want this lamp…

Stance Socks subscription – A totally customizable plan for sock type, thickness and sport and for just $19/month it’s the perfect motivation to go running.

Kalenji Running Gloves from Decathlon – I’ve bought every kind of glove for running and these £3.99 pair are the best, a perfect stocking stuffer.



Hi! I’m Mary and over on my blog A Healthier Moo I detail how I go about training for ultramarathons alongside my new role as ‘Mum’.

On my Fitmas wish list for this year I’ve jotted down the following items…

* A parkrun long-sleeved apricot top, customised with my home parkrun ‘Northampton’.
I’ve become a little addicted to parkrun tourism this year and feel like I should be wearing my home parkrun proudly across my chest when I go on my travels.

* A flipbelt.
Phones are so big now!  My old running belt no longer holds my phone whilst out on a run.

* A pair of Aftershokz headphones.
As a lot of my training is completed on my own at the moment I’d feel a little safer knowing that I could hear anybody approaching me whilst I listened to my music on my run.

* A treadmill.
For those days when I still need to get a run in but my baby has already fallen asleep for the night!



My name is Anna and I’m a blogger, fitness coach, trainee Personal Trainer and aspiring bikini athlete. Just like my life, my list to Santa this year has had a fitness takeover so I’d love these in my stocking rather than just a lump of coal this year…

GymShark Fit Leggings and Sports Bra – I can’t help it, I’m your stereotypical bikini girl and I need more GymShark in my life.

Beginner Boxing Course – I used to love boxing at uni and really want to bring it back into my routine for some hardcore cardio. Pretty please, Santa?

Grenade Bars – a stocking filled to the brim of these delicious (and nut-free!) protein treats would be a dream. Nom.


…and that concludes part 3 of our ultimate bloggers fitmas gift guide! Make sure you save this post and check out these ladies awesome blogs!

What’s on your Christmas wish list?! 



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