Pole Position: Back to Basics Week 3

As quick as this course began, it seemed to end. 5 one hour sessions over 3 weeks…and here I was with 2 sessions left.

Session 1, Week 3; we covered step pirouettes, fireman step and a fireman variation. Step pirouettes are simply a step and a turn finishing with your back to the pole and one knee bent – simple, glamourous and a great transition move for a routine to get from one side of the pole to the other, 

The fireman step; now this was onother move that I had not done before. Yasmin, our instructor made it look so simple and efforless. When I initially tried it, I felt like a teletubbie again (you’ll remember my experience of this in Intermediate previously). Hard to explain this one, and I don’t think I’m ready to recreate it so I can video it! But…it is a spin, your outside foot hooks onto the pole at the ankle whilst you step through with your inside leg. Sounds complicated…looks easy…

The session ended on a high though with the fireman spin variation. We tackled the original fireman in session 1 – this time, the spin was done wth one leg extended.

image from onlinepolestudio.com

Final session, and we covered the chair spin, a hold, and the pole climb. For me, this was ending the course on a high. In my last pole course (Intermediate 2) we had learnt the one handed chair spin. It’s still hit and miss for me, but whilst trying to learn that, I actually just about managed to nail the chair spin with 2 hands. One great thing about pole too, is that you can do a lot of the spins as a static hold to allow you to get a feel for the position. You can see me pictured below doing the chair hold – I don’t like this picture though – my shoulders are not relaxed enough, and the look of discomfort on my face makes me cringe :s

chair spin / hold

Then we moved onto a hold (pictured – and it’s an old one). I’m unsure the name of this hold but I know I have done it before and it can also be done as a spin. Standing next to the pole, you hook your inside leg onto the pole at around waist height. By this point, your body is leaning away from the pole whilst you hold on with the arm closest to the pole. Then bring your other leg up behind the pole at the same height as the first leg. ta-daaaaaaah!

horizontal hold / spin

Last, but not least. A move I think every beginner poler wants to learn (dependant on bravery and fear of heights)…the pole climb (pictured – another old one). The way by which you can get to the very top of the pole…look down and wonder how you get back down (fireman slide of course!). This one reminds me a bit of a caterpillar…knees up, arms up, knees up…

pole climb…and pose 😉

Throughout the beginners course, I’ve also been testing out the Nike Studio Wraps and the pole climb was the first time I had to take them off. To climb the pole you need to grip the pole with the font of your foot, however, the straps on the studio wraps go right over the very place I needed grip which would have made it unsafe for that particular move. More on the studio wraps coming up in my next Sport’n Style post so keep an eye out if you are interested…

Nike Studio Wraps in black and pink

One week after finishing the course, and I feel a little lost without it. As usual, I will continue to train whilst not poling so that when I go back I will be stronger and ready to work hard! 

My pole story doesn’t have an end…so sometime soon, there will be more 😉 

Yours in Pole, 

Elle 🙂 x


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