Pole Position; Intermediate 1 (Week 1)

Eighteen months since finishing the preceding Elementary course, I was back  for Intermediate 1 where we would learn inversions (going upside down) and inevitably be taught an even more complicated dance routine to link all of our new found pole skills and tricks together. I was not wrong!

I was a little apprehensive as my upper body was still sore from the last weeks’ training, and I was unsure if my upper body and core strength had improved since my last pole course. There was no time to worry though as we jumped straight in! After a warm up, we completed some conditioning exercises such as pull ups on the pole and scissor kicks. We practised our “hangback” starting on the floor to get a feel for the position, then progressed onto the pole and added crunches to work our abdominal muscles.

We soon got down to business and moved onto a basic inversion. I had taught myself to do this at home quite a while ago so I wasn’t sure if I remembered how! I managed it a few times with no problem before I got tired and we had to move onto something else.

After learning a few more new moves, we put them all together into the start of the Intermediate 1 jazz dance routine which was choreographed to “We Are Young” by Fun. I now have a week to recover, and maybe get some practice in at home before I do it all over again…and more…!



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