Pole Position; Intermediate 1 (Week 3)

I spent the entire tube journey to my pole class on Monday evening staring at the hand rail in the middle of the carriage wandering what moves I could execute on it! Then I spent the entire walk to the studio examining lamp posts and all sorts wandering if they would work for pole…

I was in the right frame of mind for week 3…

Good job too, as the learning curve is steep in Intermediate 1! Only 2 weeks ago we first attempted basic inversions, and now we are onto handstands with knee slides! One good thing is that I am feeling stronger in my upper body already. I think I am also learning to tolerate some of the discomfort that comes with certain positions such as the ‘pole sit with balance’ – I did manage a smile as opposed to a grimace for once.

My straddle from standing has improved; I can now actually do it myself!! I just need a little more control as I return my legs to start position. I managed to do a few more ‘pole pull ups’ (pull ups on the pole) this week too which I am very proud of!

In everything though, we have one side that is stronger than the other due to usage throughout life e.g writing with your right hand, brushing your teeth with one hand; and this is evident when doing pole. Certain moves I can do without thinking on one side, yet on the other side, I can barely take my own weight! I hate using my weaker side when doing pole, but the fact is… “if you hate it, you need it” as I read in the AKR Conditioning blog.

What exercises do you love to do? and which ones do you avoid?

Elle 😉 x

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  1. Chi-Chi
    December 5, 2012 / 17:25

    great post on your pole dancing progress ;¬)i read the article from the AKR Conditioning Blog. i suppose that means focusing on my side planks and tricep dips/press ups……

    • Danielle Linton
      December 9, 2012 / 20:33

      I hope we hit these spots in Thursdays class for you 😉 xxx

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