Pole Position; Intermediate 1 (Week 4)

Me in a “pole sit”

So I had this master plan to video myself doing our routine in class yesterday and then, if it wasn’t too cringe worthy I would share it here with you guys! Unfortunately, I was told we aren’t allowed to film the routines due to copyright! Hmm. So just a couple of photo’s with my update this week!

Week 4 reminded me of Week 1 a little; I had a tired and achy body which made it hard work to do any and everything! 

Each week after warming up we do some conditioning, usually starting with “pole pull ups”, 3 with left hand on top, 3 with right hand on top. I can now do my 3 full pole ups on each side breaking only a minor sweat! 

Wrist Seat. Source

One more week to go after this, but we still had more new moves to learn! We learnt how to do a “wrist seat” (see picture) when you hold the weight of your lower body on your wrist. We practised our handstands again with knee slides, into a stag (pictured). 

Handstand stag

Back to the routine, and time to focus on the dance moves and not just the pole tricks! Tricky when you’re knackered and achy! By the time we got to doing the routine, I had to leave out the pole tricks! We did work our way through the entire routine though, and I requested that next week we do the routine first so we have a chance to doing the dance moves AND pole tricks before exhaustion sets in. Maybe once my body recovers, and I have finished the course, I can get some practice in at home to get some good photos 😉 

Me in an “attitude layout”

Yours in Pole, 

Elle 😉 x

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