Pole Position: Intermediate 2 (Weeks 3 & 4)

In Intermediate 1 (also 5 weeks long) I suffered from “the dip” in my learning curve in the final week. Lucky for me (every cloud has a silver lining), this has happened on my second week of Intermediate 2. I felt like Wonder Woman last week…this week, I was more akin to say…a teletubbie! I didn’t recover well from week 1 suffering with DOMS in my arms and upper body for a full 5 – 6 days after. Added to a busy run schedule I think I just wasn’t ready to go all Wonder Woman again!

Wonder Woman vs Teletubbie

So I won’t bore you with Week 3…and I’ll get on with Week 4 where Wonder Woman (or at least her second cousin once removed) returned! Week 4 was slap bang in the middle of the return of winter for London; snow and dropping temperatures meant that just two of us turned up for class this week. A blessing in disguise really as it was conditioning week with lots of sit ups, press ups, pole pull ups and the works! We spent a good amount of time on each move with our instructors (Karen) full attention focusing on technique and getting our positions right.

The move I have pictured here is known as “Statue”. To me, it defies the laws of physics! I’m holding on with one leg and one hand…and not breathing! With the time, and focus on on technique, I was able to get a grip of some of the most complicated moves (for me anyway) such as the one handed Sun Wheel and reverse grab.

Statue pose

This week, we worked out that my fear was holding me back! I would start a move,and then not trust my strength to keep me in position. I can remember being in my primary school playground and not giving handstands a second thought…or swinging head first, upside down on the climbing frame! Karen suggested I try out the Contortion class where you practice things like handstands, splits and other physics defying moves!
Also, as my pole at home is currently down, I asked Karen for ways to practice certain moves without a pole. For our box split dismounts I can practice my handstands and box splits using just a wall. Like doing an upside down crunch with legs extended…legs down, and back up before I lose control.

So, two more weeks left to conquer this…

Yours in Pole,

Elle 😉 x


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