Pole Position: Your Kit Bag

So I hope I’ve inspired a few of you to try Pole after writing about My Pole Story and also about my journey through the last course I completed (Intermediate 1). Yesterday I started the next course, Intermediate 2, which was one of my goals for 2013.

I realised that preparing for your Pole class, including packing your kit bag, is not exactly the same as packing your kit bag for the gym; so here is a little post to help.

Ensure that you do not moisturise for a day before your class. I find it best to take my shower the night before, moisturise then and by the time I come to class my skin is suitable. It’s as much a health and safety issue as is is for enjoyment! It’s gonna be no fun falling off a pole and frustrating if you can’t do the moves because you can’t get a good grip!

For the ladies; you’ll be wearing shorts so ensure you shave your legs and other visible areas, cut and paint your toe nails! Maybe the toenails thing is personal to me? But I prefer to see pretty feet and toes!

In the bag
Sports bra

Outfit (vest, bra, shorts) and leg warmers

High heels
Warm up clothes (sweatpants and sweater)
Towel (to dry / clean hands, wipe down pole)

My favourite heels

I always take grip for emergencies 🙂

As before I’ll be sharing my journey on the Intermediate 2 course with you all here on Keep it SimpElle so wish me luck and stay tuned 🙂 Until then, check out my Yoga…Pole…Splits board on Pinterest which I use as my inspiration!

Elle 🙂 x


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