Pole Position: Back to Basics Week 2

As I am due back in class this evening, I thought I better get my skates on and write about last weeks sessions before I forget / lose enthusiasm / just cannot be bothered! So, it was back to beginners for the second and third sessions, in week 2. I was feeling more confident this week…the first time you go anywhere is always the hardest as well as the fact that once you progress you forget how to do some of the easier moves so I might as well be a beginner again anyway!

At one hour per session, it’s straight to business. Warm up and BAM! In session 2, we covered the  Mermaid spin, Windmill, and pole sit. 

Mermaid spin looks a little like the sunwheel (pictured below) but with your front foot hooked around the pole at the ankle. 

My memory tells me that I had never done this spin before, so it was new to me too. My main focus when learning new moves at the moment is to practice equally on both sides. I cannot stress this enough! With my right side being dominant generally in life…my left side has suffered. I’ve then shied away from doing this on my left side because they never look as good, and never come as easily. So this is my opportunity to not turn into a one sided pony! 

Next up, windmill (pictured – image from thepolestudio.co.uk). Looks graceful…takes some flexibility to keep your legs straight and long as you windmill them from left -> right or vice versa. It’s a great way to transition from one side of the pole to the other. 

Then, there it was. The pole sit. The move that shows you what pole pain is like. Never will your inner thighs feel the burn like this. 

I know it looks like no big deal (and excuse the fact I chopped off my head but it’s a very old picture and we don’t wanna see that!)…but the grip on the pole comes from your inner thighs. It’s one of those things though, where, the more you do it, the less it hurts. There have been numerous times where I could pole sit, remove my hands, move my upper body, change my leg position and not even feel a thing (pictured)…got to work on that again! 

With one day to recover, we were back on it Thursday evening. Three more moves of which one again was new! We started off with what our teacher (Jasmine…pronounced Yasmine in Finland) called a Geisha spin. It was very elegant with knees together. I can’t find a picture on-line  so you have to take my word for it about the elegance! 

The next one, I think I know it as a reverse swan spin. I love this position as it’s so versatile. It can be done forwards, in reverse, as a lift, as a hold and even a slide all being equally beautiful! 

Our final move of the week; pole stand. One of my favourites. Simple, comfortable, relaxing and beautiful. As you become more confident, this will form the basis of other moves including climbing the pole. 

Now that I have got that all written down (it actually serves as a chance to focus and think about what I have learnt), I am ready to rock and pole this evening!! I have two more one hour sessions before the beginners course is over. I’m kinda gutted that there is no routine…it’s always great to see the routine in week 1 and think ‘jheeeez I am never gonna be able to do that’ and then get that feeling of accomplishment in your final class when you perform the routine to the best of your ability! 

And I guess with time (currently) on my hands and access to a studio I have no excuses anymore! 

Yours in Pole, 

Elle 🙂 x



  1. Matilda @RunMum
    May 27, 2013 / 09:10

    question, what made you decide to try Pole Dancing. You totally rock it btw

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