Re-fuelling (from my adventures) with Oomi Noodles

Over the past couple of months, since I started cycling so much more in preparation for London to Paris this month (well, actually this week if you’re reading this post the same week I hit publish!), I’ve struggled a little on the nutrition side of things.

Time is limited, my appetite swings between “eating everything in sight” and “not fancying anything at all” (even though I’m hungry) so it’s been difficult to plan my meals for the week, order my food shopping and then stick to the plan day in day out. Add to this the fact that since I cut down the amount of meat I consume (red meat especially) I’ve been a little concerned about making sure I have a high enough protein intake especially when I’m not meal planning / following my favourite vegan recipes which contain a ton of high protein products like beans and tofu.

To cut a long story short, I tried Oomi noodles a few months back (read about that here) and loved how simple and convenient they are. So I actively incorporated them into my diet over the past weeks as I trained for my ride to Paris.

A Little On Oomi Noodles 
The noodles themselves are actually made from sustainably sourced white fish (sorry vege peeps!). Chatting to friends over the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked if they taste fishy and I’d definitely say they don’t; I’ve never really found white fish to taste of much anyway so it seems they’re perfect for making noodles. Oomi Protein noodles look like regular noodles and can be used the same way you would use regular egg noodles. I haven’t tried them cold yet (you can eat them straight from the packet) but I love them hot – either microwaved for one minute or thrown in a pan. My favourite way to serve them is tossed in sesame seed oil and soy sauce with a grilled salmon fillet on top.

They come in snap packs with two containers per packet so you don’t have to waste any. As they are fresh, they need to be kept refrigerated but at least you know you don’t need to waste any (…and I mean, I did eat two packets one time… because y’know!). Each serving of Oomi noodles packs in 12g of protein and owing to being made from a protein source rather than having protein added they naturally have far fewer carbs than other noodles (75% less to be exact). For those of you who may be gluten free these would be good option for including in your meals.

In addition to getting my fill of noodles, I’ve been working hard on my nutrition for cycling – so everything from pre- long ride, during my rides through to post ride nutrition. I’ve got a whole separate post to share soon about that as it’s actually quite complicated. When I tell you that eating food has become quite a chore over the past couple of months, I’m not sure you would believe me…

Have you tried Oomi noodles yet?! …you can follow them on Instagram here to keep up to date with their adventures too!

Elle 🙂 

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p.s This post is sponsored by Oomi noodles but you know me, all opinions (and my love of food) are entirely mine 😉 



  1. Abbi
    July 13, 2017 / 14:32

    I love this! Thanks, Elle!

    • Elle Linton
      August 20, 2017 / 20:33

      Thanks Abbi! 🙂 x

  2. Ivanna Marie
    July 12, 2017 / 13:34

    These sound interesting. I like that they are gluten free. Do they have a fishy flavor at all?

    • Elle Linton
      August 20, 2017 / 20:33

      Hey Ivanna, as I said in the post… "Chatting to friends over the past couple of weeks I've been asked if they taste fishy and I'd definitely say they don't; I've never really found white fish to taste of much anyway so it seems they're perfect for making noodles. "

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