REVIEW: Withings Activitè Pop

For the past couple of months now, I’ve been wearing this new activity tracker as if it could tell the time and looks like a watch. Which it does. Besides that simple pleasure, it does a few more interesting things beyond. Here’s my review; what They Say about the Withings Activitè Pop versus what I Say and how it has actually worked for me!

POP YOUR HEALTH || Featuring the latest tech and a timeless look, Actvitè Pop helps you embrace healthy habits while complementing your style. TRUE STORY.

Activity Tracking || Swim Tracking || Silent Alarm || Sleep Tracking || No Charging || Bluetooth 4.0

They Said.
The watch shows you how active you are in real time and the Health Mate app suggests changes to encourage you to walk more. Ingenious time and activity dials help you decide what your next move should be.
I Say.
The Activité Pop (from hereon known as the AP) does indeed track your steps. Once you set your daily goal via the app on your smartphone, the dial, with 10 sections, updates itself as you go along to keep you informed “in real time” how you are doing. I have my goal set to 10,000 steps per day so it equates to 1,000 steps per segment on the activity dial. The time is set to the time of my phone, which is set to the time of the world! I’m yet to see it suggest changes to encourage me to walk more but I may have actually turned this off!

They Said.
AP doesn’t just look good. It features a lightweight design, a PVD-coated watch case and a smooth silicone watch strap for ultimate comfort and durability.
I Say.
It does indeed look good! I’ve had countless compliments on my “nice watch” and have gone on to surprise people by informing them that its actually an activity tracker! I love the colour, but it has gotten a little dirty over time. I wear it in the shower most of the time and have given it a little wipe now and then, but still. So far, I can say it is comfortable and durable; the watch I wore previously would always snap open when I was teaching but the AP doesn’t get in the way at all and has so far lived to tell the tale!

They Said.
Working with the Health Mate app, AP inspires you and your friends to make healthy choices. Challenge your friends! The app features activity badges, a leaderboard, healthy reminders and activity insights that are a proven way to get everybody going.
I Say.
Firstly, I’m completely friendless on the app! I don’t know one other person who owns an AP! I do however like the badges when you reach certain levels of activity (not enough to share them on Twitter anymore though!). Again, I think I have turned off the healthy reminders. On days where I have a really low step count (usually a Sunday) I despise the huge sad face that it displays on the timeline but one swipe, and its deleted!

They Said.
Going for a jog? Trying to catch the bus? AP automatically recognises your surge of intensity and logs it as a run. AP automatically recognises swim. Just put it on, dive in and the watch will log your full session and record calories burned.
I Say.
I’ll give it marks for running; so far I think it has gotten this right! As for swimming; I’ve swam once in it as it seems to have had no idea that this wasn’t a shower! I spent 45 minutes in the pool and nothing was recorded as an activity. #fail. I’ll still be sticking to a GPS when running though as most runners will want more stats when running that just calories burned.

They Said.
AP automatically detects when you are asleep. It keeps track of light and deep sleep phases, the number of times you are up during the night and the total duration of sleep. Set an alarm in the app to start your day with a gentle wake-up vibration.
I Say.
Okay. So I like this feature, a lot. I mostly like it because you don’t have to do anything to say “I’m going to sleep” or “I have woken up”. But! The caveat is that if I chill out in bed before I go to sleep or after I wake up, it thinks I’m still sleeping and logs me as having like 10 hours sleep!!! The night where I barely slept; looking at that on the screen was enlightening! …The alarm is great too! I use it on my days off (because I can’t be bothered to alter my work alarm on my Lumie Bodyclock). I think it wakes you up during a light sleep phase within a specific amount of time before your alarm (i.e 30 minutes). The watch vibrates 10 or 12 times gently on your wrist so doesn’t startle you and makes no sound; perfect if you don’t want to wake the rest of you household.

They Said.
AP automatically syncs to your smartphone to always display the correct time. Jet-lagged after a long flight? No need to piece together the correct time zone. Once you have landed, AP automatically displays the local time.
I Say.
This it does indeed. Which is useful. No fussing trying to change the time for a week and then having to change it back. Unfortunately for me, I’ve not travelled much recently so my AP hasn’t had its chance to shine in this department!

They Said.
You don’t want another cable or dock in your life. AP works on a standard button cell providing 8+ months of battery life.
I Say.
OMG this has to be one of the biggest pro’s of an AP! Do you know how many times my fitbit needs charging and I forget?! Then it’s useless for the next day as it spends half of it on charge!

The Rest Of What I Have To Say.
Here are another few things I have noticed. My step count on my AP is NEVER as high as on my fitbit. It takes a lot more to hit goal on the AP and I think that’s because it’s more accurate and doesn’t count me brushing my teeth. This may also be down to the fact that I wear it on my non dominant hand.

I hooked my AP up to MyFitnessPal (in the hope of earning some extra calories) and immediately disconnected it after it reduced my calorie goal for the day to my basal calories and then gave me just 30 extra calories on a day I completed my 10,000 steps. I ended up being around 300kcal above what they said I should have eaten! So now I’m back to my 1500kcal per day (a little more if I exercise) and keeping my AP information to itself!

What fitness / activity tracker are you currently using?! or coveting?! 

Elle 🙂 



  1. Jessica
    December 3, 2015 / 03:24

    Dang, I almost want this for that vibrating alarm alone. I live in an apartment with really thin walls, and I always feel bad knowing I might be disturbing my kids with my noisy alarm, and the fact that it wakes you up during a light sleep phase is definitely a nice bonus especially if the difference between waking up during a light sleep phase and a deep sleep phase is actually noticeable. I know I've seen tons of stuff online about it that says it makes a difference, but I've never really tried it for myself!

    • Elle Linton
      December 3, 2015 / 19:17

      Yes, I find it makes a huge difference; it kinda doesn't feel like I'm being woken up, if that makes sense! It's similar to my lumi light, by the time the light is at its brightest, I seem to be awake but as its over 30 minutes its so gradual and gentle!! Much better than being startled out of my sleep by my mobile phone! haha!

  2. Christine
    December 2, 2015 / 16:56

    That is definitely one of the best looking activity trackers I've seen!

    • Elle Linton
      December 3, 2015 / 19:16

      I know right?! And it's so photogenic! lol everything you need in an activity tracker, right?! lol 😉

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