RTTB Training: Week 4

Day 1 of Week 4; I returned from my holiday in Miami. In my post box was my race pack which proves I have entered and they haven’t forgotten me! In my email inbox was a message from RTTB, the subject heading being “WHAT’S YOUR MOTIVATION?”; should I be worried or excited?!

The email says

“Now that your training is at its most intense period, we are urging you all to establish what your motivation is for completing Run to the Beat powered by Nike+. Whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, de-stress or meet new people, keep the reason in the forefront of your mind as it will serve as a fantastic motivator in the build up to the event.”

Motivation Mantra #1

…and this really got me thinking about why I am running this race! Why do I even keep fit?! and why do I love teaching everything about exercise, health and fitness?! The answer can be found in the image Motivation Mantra #1. This is not a goal for my, its a part of my journey; a way of life. Then comes Motivation Mantra #2. We achieve more when we push ourselves, beyond what we thought was possible, outside of our comfort zones. A half marathon is that for me (right now)! My genetic make up says I am a sprinter; my athletic achievement says I am a sprinter. I won’t let that stop me!

Motivation Mantra #2

My schedule for the week was supposed to look like this:

  • Monday: 4 mile tempo run
  • Tuesday: weight training
  • Wednesday: short intervals
  • Thursday: stretch
  • Friday: 4 miles
  • Saturday: 11 miles
  • Sunday: rest 
Sunday’s jog after class; short & sweet, cold & wet!

My schedule for the week actually looked like this:

  • Monday: rest (on holiday)
  • Tuesday: NTC (teaching)
  • Thursday: unwell
  • Friday: unwell
  • Saturday: unwell
  • Sunday: NTC (teaching) & 1.7 mile run

All in all, not a great week, but these things happen! One week left to go…

Elle 😉 x

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  1. Karen
    October 23, 2012 / 04:20

    Good luck on your half marathon! I used to think I was only a sprinter and now I have completed 2 marathons! Good luck on your race! You will kill it.

    • Danielle Linton
      October 23, 2012 / 09:21

      Thanks Karen! …if you have any tips for race day please let me know!! You have experience on your side 🙂 x

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