School of Life – A Confidence Boost?!

It must be a well known fact that some people need a drink to muster up the confidence to do a number of things. A bit of “dutch courage”, right?!

As part of the BRITA Boost Challenge that I am doing this month, they provided this experience to help us be confident without the need for alcohol – an evening workshop at The School of Life. The ironic thing was that when I arrived there was more alcohol (wine) on offer than anything else! I supped on some elderflower cordial and my BRITA Fill&Go bottle. 

It was an interesting evening. Food for thought. This post really is an amalgamation of my notes from the evening and my thoughts…

Question: “What does confidence mean to you?”

I wrote… it means having faith / believe in decisions / skill or attribute? / courage / not caring what others think / self belief. 


Confidence lies on a spectrum ranging from…

Timidity / Anxiety – 

all the way to…


Confidence = Self Efficacy + Optimism 

Barriers to optimism  – Question: what does your inner critic say to you?! 

Task – Responsibility Chart

your fault or mine?!

Think of a set back you have experienced recently. What proportion of the blame was yours / theirs or the situations?! 

Anxiety – name the thing that is making you anxious?! Learn to sit with your thoughts… i.e meditation. 

Task – if you were to create a ‘Treat Kit’ for yourself, what 5 things would be in it?! 

I found this task SUPER hard! I came up with 1. reading…As a treat I would allow myself time to read, uninterrupted. 

Think about the people who play a part in your life – who provide support. In which direction does the support go?! Do you support them?! Do they support you?! Is the support reciprocal??

only share your goals with those who will support you

Remember to honour your achievements – cultivate a way of noticing each and every achievement you make. 

Mark something every week that you did / achieved…

“This week was great because I did…” 

It kinda reminds me of Attitude of Gratitude. A reminder to be grateful for what we do have as opposed to focusing on what we don’t have. 

Task. Think of a goal that you have set yourself. Imagine it on a graph. 0 is when you set the goal and 10 is when you reach your goal. Where are you now?! At 4?! What got you there?! Those little achievements that got you to a 4 should be celebrated – don’t just focus on the fact there are still 6 more steps till you reach goal. What are the next small steps that you could take, tomorrow?! 

simple as?!

It was an interesting evening. One I felt confident at. 

“I’m not perfect yet”…and never will be. How boring would life be?! 

I just think I have learnt to recognise what gives me confidence and ensure I put myself in a situation where I can be confident. I feel confident when I feel knowledgeable; when I am able to defend decisions that I make. It’s where the Empowerment ethos in my blog comes from. I want everyone to feel confident in what they choose to eat, what they choose to do as a workout, and what they choose to wear. 

It made me think about my goals again and gave me confidence to chase some big ‘uns!

What are your thoughts?! Did you give any of the tasks a go?! 

Do you use alcohol to give you confidence?! 

Elle 🙂 x

p.s for more information you can visit www.brita.co.uk 


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