Sport'n Style: April & May 2013

Better late than never?! I agree. It’s June, I know!

The last two months have been a little different with my relocation to Finland. Therefore, money could not really be spent on too much kit…remembering also that I would need to transport said kit to Finland, or buy outrageously over priced kit in Euros.

However, some necessary purchases were made. Like base layers / thermals from the heattech range at Uniqlo…my favourite! Erm…and the best purchase (and probably only other) were my pair of Nike Studio Wraps (before I type on check out my little video I made on Vine whilst waiting for my pole students…below…)

Here are the Studio Wraps in all their boxed glory…whilst also being pink and black. 

The complete studio wrap pack

This isn’t a review…it’s my ElleView 😉

…Maybe I missed an important side note somewhere, but when my pack arrived, there was not a strung together sentence to be found in the pack explaining what each bit was. Included were the studio wraps themselves, ribbons, bag, pumps and soles. I later established that the soles were for the pumps…the bag is to wash the wraps…and the ribbons can be tied any way you work out to supposedly support your arches and ankles. 

Okay, so the first outing my Studio Wraps had were at Leah Kim’s NTC yoga class in London. Interesting. I found the useful for grip, and I always feel a little more confident if I’m wearing pretty kit. Don’t judge me. 

Next we went to Body Balance (a mix of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi). Again, useful for grip. 

Then, Yin Yoga. Not needed. 

Pole. Great! Look nice, save my feet from dusty floors (why is it pole studios find it hard to keep up with floor maintenance?!)…but then I needed to climb the pole…I needed the front of my foot to grip with, right where the straps were. Wraps off. 

To this day, I still haven’t used the ribbons. I haven’t found myself with time before a class to fiddle around to get them right.

do my feet look big in these?!

What I do love though, are the slip on ballet pumps. Useful that when I finish class, I am ready to leave in no time at all. I cycled in the pumps to the gym, slipped them off, did class, and then off I went! I find they are super comfortable just on their own and a little less comfortable with the wraps on too. I also hate looking at my feet in pumps as I have wide feet but I usually walk looking straight ahead so I’m alright most of the time 😉 

They are sold as a “bare foot” experience…but frankly if you want that…maybe just go barefoot?! As I wouldn’t want to be (actually) dancing around with no support for high impact activities just yet with the exception of Ballet maybe!

PROS: eye catching, hygiene

CONS: fiddly, costly

So don’t rush out and buy them unless you are sure you will put them to good use…

Do you own the Nike Studio Wraps already?! What are your thoughts?! 

Elle 🙂 


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