Yoga & Cycling Cold Weather Kit Picks | AW ’19

It’s been a long time since I shared some kit picks on the blog with you; this pick of winter kit for yoga and cycling was first published back in 2013 so it was definitely due an update. Some of the pieces – especially the lululemon ones – are timeless though. I still wear those pieces; as for the stuff you can no longer get? I’ve updated them to feature the latest and greatest.

At the time I originally wrote the post, yoga and cycling were the two main activities I was doing (other than training of course). So first up are my yoga picks:

Yoga Kit Picks

*Last Updated September 2019

Yoga Kit Picks

1. Power Y Tank

The Power Y tank from lululemon is an all time classic for me. Its the tank version of one of their bras (the Flow Y bra) that I also love. They both provide light support up to B/C cup and the fabric they are made from means that they’re not the best choice for the sweatiest of yoga (i.e Bikram) but can more than handle your sweat should they need to. The tank is super long which means you don’t have to worry about it riding up during class and the fit of the tank means it stays where you put it.

2. The Reversible (Un) Mat 1.5mm

The Reversible (Un) Mat 1.5mm review - yoga kit picks

Hands down the best travel mat. In fact, the (un)mat is hands down one of the best mats full stop, due to its versatility. I usually have issues with sweaty hands and grip but this mat works well for me. It’s light too which makes it easy to travel with …even on my bike (you can fold it to fit into a bag or case)! And yes, I am now one of those chicks who has my own yoga mat in class. Think about it …I’m hardly a fan of my own sweat never mind the residue of the sweat of the 256 people who have used the studio mat before me …that month. 

3. The Align Pant

Super comfy and flattering, the alight pant has been a goto of mine since they launched. Made from one of the newest fabrics lululemon created – Nulu – they give that Naked Sensation fit. Perfect for your yoga practice along with the Power Y tank of I often find myself lounging about the house in these as they are just so comfortable.

Winter Cycling Kit Picks

*Last Updated September 2019

When it comes to commuting by bike, for me, functionality and safety are the most important factors. Here are my 3 top picks that meet those standards:

Cycling Winter Kit Picks

1. lululemon run swiftly tech long sleeved top

It makes an amazing base layer as well as just a top. I cycle with a top underneath so I can take that off and not have too much sweat on me. It also features silveresent technology meaning it’s anti stink – you can go a few days without washing it and not having to worry. I personally haven’t tested this theory out yet as I wear the top to work and wouldn’t want to find out which day is THE day that the top needs washing while with guests!

2. Liv REV (MIPS) Womens Road Helmet

I upgrade to the Liv REV helmet earlier in the year when I became a Liv Ambassador. I wanted something that was suitable for road cycling, comfortable and looked good. The purple is enough to give the helmet a pop of colour but not clash if I’m not wearing an exact match in my kit. The REV also includes the revolutionary MIPS brain protection system so safety comes as standard.


I think these are my second pair of Salomon trail running shoes, but the Supercross GTX are an upgrade to the pair I had before. While I’ve to found myself out on the trails much for running, I have for cyclocross. If you’re not sure what cyclocross is, read more about how I got into in this post. The Supercross are an upgrade because they are lined with a GORE-TEX membrane which means the shoes keep moisture away so your feet stay dry and protected. My local parkrun is mostly on grass so once the weather gets colder and wetter, trail running shoes will definitely be needed!!

What are your must have yoga or cycling items since the weather got chilly?! 

Elle 🙂



  1. Kayla Moothart
    November 29, 2013 / 18:44

    I am newer to cycling and have yet to figure out my favorite items. It is definitely colder while cycling then running!

    • Elle Linton
      November 29, 2013 / 20:22

      I'm new to cycling too! That's why I am sharing what I learn as I go along 🙂 I find I warm up quickly when cycling! So layers that wick sweat are important! But I know what you mean – like my ears MUST be covered and sometimes my face too as the wind makes it feel like my face will freeze and fall off! haha! 🙂

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