Sunday Brunch: Banana Pecan Pancakes

Good morning! It’s Sunday as I’m writing this post! So it’s either your rest day, in which case you deserve a treat or it’s your long run day if you’re in training, in which case you also deserve a treat!

This is a recipe I love to use for Christmas Day breakfast / brunch as well as any weekend that I have to time to make something a little above and beyond 3 minute porridge!

Banana Pecan Pancakes served with crispy bacon

Serves 4-6, 30 minutes


225g self raising flour
300ml of milk (or substitute)
1 ripe banana about 200g unpeeled
1 large egg
75g of pecans roughly chopped
Oil or substitute for frying
12 rashers of streaky bacon
Maple syrup, to serve


1.Preheat the grill. Peel and mash the banana with a fork then set aside. Soft the flour into a bowl with a pinch of salt. Slowly whisk the egg and milk into the flour until smooth. Stir in the mashed banana and half the pecans. Heat some oil in a large frying pan and fry small ladlefuls of the batter in batches. Cook until the tops are dry and set then turn and cook for a further two minutes until golden. Keep the pancakes warm.

2. Meanwhile, cook the bacon until the preheated grill for 8-10 minutes turning halfway.

3. Stack 2 or 3 pancakes on each plate , top with bacon, the remaining pecans and finish with syrup.

Nutritional information: 474kcal, 24g fat (6g sat fat), 53g carbs, 23g total sugars, 1.9g salt

I recently used this recipe when I was carb loading for my half marathon! It def made carb loading enjoyable 😉

I am not a fan of bananas so I never add it when I make this myself. In all my recipes I use soya milk too as I am lactose intolerant. This never alters the taste or texture and means I don’t miss out on cakes and treats! You can also freeze these pancakes and use them at you will by either defrosting them or toasting direct from the freezer if your toaster has that option!

Happy Sunday!



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