Sweat etc. June 2014

Hello July. Officially passed the half way mark for 2014. A lot has been achieved in that time though so I happy to appreciate that, savour that while continuing to charge forward and stay focused on my goals! 

This was the plan for June: 

not much eh?! 🙂 

1. Weekly Schedule: Yoga 1 – 2x, run to programme (weeks 5 – 8),  BRICK session every other week, Reformer 1x, Other 1x 

Week 1: reformer, NTC run to train, spin, WOTN 10km
Week 2: spin, crossfit, crossfit, voga
Week 3: reformer, lower body workout
Week 4: half marathon, crossfit
Week 5: yoga inversions workshop

Still lacking in yoga but I have vowed to get back on this post half marathon! No BRICK sessions but duathlon training starts seriously now, again, now the half marathon is done! I did about 50% of the reformer classes I would have hoped to – I did have another booked in the week leading up to the half but then I decided to rest my legs. Not too shabby in my opinion 🙂

2. Aim for a half marathon PB 

YES!! DONE!! …did you read #MyMoments?!

3. Finish crossfit foundation classes 

I’m almost there! One more foundations class to complete which is booked in for this very weekend coming! After that, I’m into the Level 2 workouts! We’ll still work on skills but we’ll be rocking some tough workouts too!

4. Prepare duathlon training plan for post half marathon

Plan printed and ready! I’m about to complete week 2 of training so I just need to keep a focus and continue doing whats needed!

5. Cycle commute 1 – 3x per week 

I definitely think I achieved this! I’ve spent a lot less on public transport (which is a great thing for my finances!).

Focus Forward to July…

July 2014 Goals 

1. Weekly schedule: duathlon training to plan, crossfit 1x, yoga 1-2x, reformer 1x, spin 1x 

2. Prepare for and begin Whole 30 programme

3. Cycle commute 1-3x per week

Nice and simpElle, eh?!

I’ve got some fun stuff coming up in July though including my first mud run, my first experience of duathlon, leading my first run club, FitPro Live…all of which you know you will hear about! Add that to celebrating the keep it simpElle 2nd Blogiversary…July is set to be a month to remember!

What’s on your plan for July?! …How has 2014 been going for you so far?! Share your thoughts and comments with me via Twitter / Facebook or below…

Elle 🙂 x



  1. Matilda Iglesias
    July 5, 2014 / 10:12

    Great work on smashing out your June Goals. I'm aiming to get to 100km of running in July. Now that I'm not sick any more I can actually get training in!I also want to bring my 5km time down. Love to get closer to the 22min end (that's running a 4:30 pace). I might not get it in July, but I will aim for it all the same. Good luck with your whole30, I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    • Elle Linton
      July 5, 2014 / 10:18

      Now you can train, that will help you to keep well! it's a vicious cycle! lol …wow! I can only dream of getting my 5km time down to the 22min mark! I'll never say never though 🙂 catch up soon x

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