Sweat etc. May 2014

Hello June. Hello half marathon month. Now that crept up on me just a little bit. Did May see some groundwork to prepare me for what lies ahead…

This was the plan for May: 


1. Weekly Schedule: Yoga 1 – 2x, Run to plan (weeks 5 – 8),  BRICK session 1x, Reformer 1x, Other 1x 

Week 1: run, run, spinning
Week 2: run, spinning, yoga
Week 3: salsa, barry’s bootcamp, reformer pilates, crossfit foundations
Week 4: cycle, crossfit foundations, run, run, barry’s bootcamp
Week 5: barry’s bootcamp, crossfit foundations, old school sports day

I lacked on the reformer pilates and yoga front. I need more of both of these in my life for sure. I did however do something unplanned; I started the foundation level crossfit classes where I learn all the fundamentals ready to hit the workouts at Level 2. That has been fun. Unexpectedly. I love to deadliest. I’ve also been cycle commuting regularly which I didn’t include in my list above. I’m yet to do a cycle – run session but I have promised myself to focus on this fully post half marathon.

2. Attend Run Club 1x 

I’m counting Barry’s Bootcamp as run club. It involves a lot of very fast running on the treadmill. Mission completed. Most actual run clubs clash with my teaching schedule so until I find a day that I can actually make it, Barry’s Bootcamp will be my substitute.

Focus Forward to June…

not much eh?! πŸ™‚ 

I’d better get on with this, eh?! 

Later this week I’ll be off to Amsterdam too to run the Nike We Own The Night 10km! This will be an experience…running in a city after dark. Can’t think of a better way to see the place!

What’s on your plan for June?! …How has 2014 been going for you so far?! Share your thoughts and comments with me via Twitter / Facebook or below…

Elle πŸ™‚ x


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