Sweat etc. October 2014

Hello November. The end of the year is closing in on us! I have no idea where it went but I do know that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the year!

This was the plan for October: 

October 2014

1. Weekly schedule: run 1-2x, crossfit 2x, yoga 1-2x, other 1x 

1. Weekly Schedule: run 1-2x, crossfit 2x, yoga 1-2x, other 1x

Week 1: run club, crossfit, reformer pilates
Week 2: run club, crossfit, yoga, spin / circuits, run, crossfit
Week 3: run club, crossfit, crossfit
Week 4: run club, acroyoga, hand balancing class, crossfit, run, adult gymnastics
Week 5: run club, crossfit

It seems that leading a run club has had the desired effect – some consistent running in my life! Doesn’t make it easier but it means I’m keeping a base level running fitness for when I start training for my events (half marathons) in early 2015!

I hit my crossfit goal of attending twice per week. This has meant that I no longer remember what it feels like to not have DOMS in my arms. I think I seriously need to find the budget to treat myself to a massage…

Or maybe just go to yoga as planned?! That might have helped too.

I did do good on the “other” stuff though! With reformer pilates, spinning, acroyoga, hand balancing class and gymnastics! I’m proud of that!

I also got my new bike a couple of weeks ago so have been back to cycling up to 4 days per week! Learning to handle a road bike has been fun though! When I get my insurance sorted out I will be out and about on it all the time…which is great for saving money too 🙂

Focus Forward to November…

November 2014

1. Weekly schedule: run 1-2x, crossfit 2x, yoga 1x, other 1x 

That’s up to 6 sessions per week in that plan. Plus cycle commuting and anything else that comes up! 

Really simpElle, eh?!

November sees me complete my second ever duathlon; but I’m most looking forward to getting more stuck into crossfit too! I recently purchased a pair of Reebok nano’s 4.0 for my sessions…I’ll share my thoughts with you soon! 

What’s on your plan for November?! …How has 2014 been going for you so far?! Share your thoughts and comments with me via Twitter / Facebook or below…

Elle 🙂 x


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