The Early Bird catches the worm

…so they say. Is it time then to start an early rise revolution?! …If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of a late start. Working 9 – 5 has been a stumbling block, and working weekends prevents me from sleeping past 8.30am (my new late start). One thing I have realised though is how much more I get done when I start earlier…it’s just logic right?! 

Well for Supercharge Week, I taught an early bird NTC class at Nike Town London which kicked off at 7.15am. This meant a 5am alarm, out the door by 6am, at the venue for 7am. Whilst teaching, I was full of the joys of NTC barely remembering that most were yet to turn over in bed, never mind get out of bed! All to an amazing soundtrack mixed for me by DJ Cash ATM especially for the class! You can download a 60 minute mix perfect for a workout from the It’s all about the TUNES post! 

By 8am when class finished, I had earned myself 2001 NikeFuel towards my 3000 NikeFuel goal for the entire day! Check out Leah’s (of Naturally Leah) write up about the class I lead: Early Bird NTC with Danielle

#fuelcheck 9am

Picture from Naturally Leah

What could you achieve if you woke up 30 minutes or an hour earlier…? How can you stay supercharged?! 

“Establish a morning routine,” instructs Nike Master Trainer Sonja Moses. “A set 10-15 minute workout to start each day will keep you in training mode. Choose a variety of exercises that hit all the major muscle groups and alternate this daily with small intricate core focused exercises. The Get Focused drills on the Nike Training Club app are a neat 15-minutes and are guaranteed to wake you up.”

How about that early rise revolution?! 

Elle 😉 x



  1. Leah
    February 20, 2013 / 16:08

    You are so right! Since moving to London I've slipped into a bit of a lazy 7am wake up…at the moment I'm still too whingey and whiney about the cold to make it out of the house, but if I got up just 30mins earlier I could fit a NTC class in & feel the burn.New goal for next week – 3 x NTC classes before work! Thanks for the motivation…and the kick ass early morning class!

    • Elle Linton
      February 20, 2013 / 21:40

      Yup! Me too 🙂 the 15 minute get focused workouts on the app are an awesome workout and great way to start the day! So, YOU.GO.GIRL!! 🙂 x

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