The “REAL” Cost of Getting Fit!

So after the barrage of posts over the holidays looking back at 2014 it was inevitable that the posts about goals for 2015 would follow. For the last couple of years I chose goals on a month by month basis to work towards my annual, 5 year and 10 year goals (for health, career and personal).

Not much has changed for this year though, except what will be overarching my goals; just one word.

I didn’t plan on this method – it just came to me one evening as I was walking home in the rain and thinking. I decided my word for 2015 would be CONFIDENCE. I would work to apply that to my health, career and personal life.

I then decided I would have a word for each month. That word for January is INTEGRITY.

Integrity is all about doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. And I know we all fall short of this from time to time.

How many times have you said to someone “oh we must catch up” or said “I’ll train for my 10km” and then not?! Speaking for myself, I’ve stepped up to the start line of two half marathons having not trained even though I had enough time beforehand to do so. There was no integrity in what I said and did. This then impacted on my confidence – I knew I could get around the 21km but how well?! In Hackney Half Marathon last year I smashed the first 10km then when my lack of training came into play I beat myself up and lost all confidence. That’s not what I want for 2015.

This brings me to the “real” cost of getting fit. How is it that we never seem to reach an ultimate goal? You decide you want to lose 5kg. You lose 2kg. You put on 3kg. Now you need to lose 6kg. But you had a New Years resolution to lose 5kg?! What went wrong?! Your INTEGRITY.

You start sh*t and never finish it. Training programmes – all sorts of challenges, INSANITY, 30 day press up challenge, even hire a Personal Trainer. You decide to eat clean – paleo, whole30, purchase a diet plan. And it never works out! Why?! 

For sure, life gets in the way. But if you REALLY want something, you have to follow through. To maintain integrity requires discipline; self control, rigour and maintaining order. Integrity also includes cleaning up the messes you’ve made by not doing what you said and breaking your promises (if even just to yourself). Comfort eating due to the guilt of missing a session?! Just take responsibility for what happened, don’t make yourself feel worse and move on.

I’m about to start week 4 of my half marathon training (comprising of 3 sessions per week) and I am one session behind. Do I feel bad about this?! No. I was sick and needed the rest. If the opportunity arises for me to squeeze in that missed session somewhere then hell yeah, I will. But for now, it is what it is.

image: Nike Women

So what is the cost to you?! YOUR WORD.

Here are some ways I am working on INTEGRITY in health / fitness for January:

Health | Stick to half marathon training plan; do all distance / speed / pace calculations well in advance for preparation. Complete Whole30. Attend swimming lessons AND swim practice 1-2x per week.

Declare what it is you want achieve. Share it with friends, family, anyone who will listen. Keep a track of your goals (y’know SMART goals and all that) and then share your progress, inspire others and WIN!

Elle 🙂  


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