Time for a cleanse…

…a juice cleanse that is!

With all the stress of the past few months, it’s time for me to put that all behind me and make a fresh start. I’ve gotten back on the training wagon even with a crazy work pattern but it it’s time now to sort out my body from the inside out!

I’m supposed to be starting a five day juice cleanse today…but so far…it hasn’t quite happened due to confusion with the delivery company. So today is officially starve Elle to death day…Not exactly the best start as the point was to help me refresh not to cause more stress. Right now, it’s currently 4pm UK time and all I’ve eaten (drank) today are two fruit juices (not the one’s supposed to be delivered) and some carrot batons because my juices got delivered to a neighbour (as I was informed the wrong time) and my neighbour is now not home… *breathe* doesn’t help that I didn’t even choose to start this week…I chose last tuesday (which was an option on their website) but then the system changed it due to the Bank Holiday. Like we haven’t known it was gonna be a Bank Holiday on that day for like…the entire year?! So hopefully, I don’t pass out before I actually see these juices…

Enough with the negativity (I hate being negative about anything / anyone)…

Pre detox, I have reduced my caffeine intake to zero in the past 1 – 2 weeks! It’s been difficult! I’ve never been the coffee everyday kinda gal but since I decided to cut it out, I seem to be craving it a lot! typical! …I’ve also focused a lot on staying hydrated and drinking as close to my 2 litres per day as possible! My ReTap bottle has helped considerably…no harm in staying hydrated in style 😉 

During the detox, caffeine and alcohol will be off limits. No problem as I’m not a big drinker of either…

It’s also advisable to partake in light exercise which I will most definitely do. I think I will stick to some short runs, a few classes at the gym, continue my press up challenge and also complete week 2 of my Zaggora Challenge

I’m wondering what I’m in for…last year, for quite a few months, myself and Lex decided we would do Liquid Thursdays where all meals would be non chewable! It took some organisation each week but I loved the effects! …the ups and downs of life meant that one week when I failed to do it, I fell off the wagon completely! 

I’ve seen blogger friends complete their Whole 30 plans…30 days?! yikes! …Surely I can do 5 days huh?! 

I will keep you posted with a ‘during’ my juice cleanse post as well as an ‘after’ my juice cleanse post in the next week or so! 

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?! or something similar?! …any advice for me?!

Elle 🙂 x




  1. Katherine
    September 8, 2013 / 22:19

    Reading your two posts about getting a Juice Cleanse really inspired me. I'm moving back to London in a about a week, so I hope to get it done once I get there! How did you get to choose this brand by the way? Hope you're well x

    • Elle Linton
      September 9, 2013 / 10:05

      Heeeeey Katherine! Feel's like just yesterday that you left! Hopefully I get to hear all about what you have been up to in Paris when you get back to London! Soulmate food provided some food at a Nike event last year…I loved the food and have been following them on twitter since. I like their ethos and the fact they are a reputable brand! They often have deals on groupon too which is a bonus when you are strapped for cash! …Full update post cleanse coming up this week – but overall, it was great and I feel great now 🙂 xxx

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