Training to Inspire: April Recap

Hello May! Hello Spring…like, finally! I am glad to see the back of April – it was a month of highs and lows…a month that I can definitely improve on! Difficulties are no reason to give up though – they are reason to try harder!

There was March… #BOOM!

This was my April…

Goal 1: Completed March 2013

Goal 2:
I managed to attend a yoga (style) class once per week; this included a NTC yoga class with Leah Kim, Yin Yang Yoga at FRAME Shoreditch, and two Body Balance classes. I also attended one Bend it Like Barbie (stretch) class at FRAME Shoreditch where we did whole body deep stretching including some splits stretching. I now need to compliment all of this with more stretching at home.

Goal 3:
My upper body has been getting a workout for sure this month including two Body Pump classes where I thought my arms might just drop off! Change won’t come if we don’t challenge ourselves though! My core and upper body got a good workout from the NCG Street Pole class too…nothing like pole to build up strength, endurance and flexibility! I then had a go at the Nike Training Club (NTC) abs and butt workout on the app; a 30 minute routine which I completed in a little corner of the gym with a few dumbbells. Add to this some CrossFit style training in the gym focusing on upper body including squat to press, upright row and wide row. …I hope I see some progress next time I get to have a go on a pull up bar…fingers crossed…

Goal 4:
This is definitely the goal that has suffered this month but at the same time I achieved it! I ran an official time of 58:18 at the Energizer Night Run! It was hard work but it felt fantastic. I won’t say this goal is completed as there is still room for improvement…yet, I have barely run this month. I won’t even waste your time explaining why (includes low iron levels, moving country…)…the point is, it’s a new month, and I need to get back on track sooner rather than later…

I have my next 10km race booked for July so there is time to put the groundwork in…literally!

Goal 5:
New activities in April included NCG Street Pole, cross country skiing and cycling now that I have my own bike! Body Pump, Body Attack and Hot Pilates were new for me too actually! I attended a NTC class taught by the lovely Tana whilst in London too to make sure I got in that full body workout (in addition to Body Attack)…her moves were to die for…but had me feeling great the next day!

Have you checked out my features on Naturally, Leah where I guest blogged about Warm Up / Cool Down for running (link), and on FitBlogger where I wrote a little bit about my inspiration for Keep it simpElle?!

Last but not least, I’ve been thinking about if for a while; I would LOVE to do my yoga teacher training. A few months ago I expressed this to my yoga teacher Nicolette, but I told her I didn’t think I was ready. She gave me THE best response ever and said “the training is what will make you ready”….there is no doubt about it that I will have this as one of my goals in the very near future…I need to find the right course, the finance, and time 🙂

So onwards and upwards…

I hope you’ve been working hard towards achieving your 2013 goals too! Inspire me…what have you done so far?! and what is still to come?!

Elle 😉



  1. Matilda
    May 4, 2013 / 11:29

    I have a few fitness goals. 1. is to run 3 half marathons. I've run one already, my next is not until July, my 3rd I haven't decided yet. 2. do a tough mudder. I did this in jan, it was awesome. 3. run 7 organised fun runs. I've done done 2 (not including tm) and have a few more coming up. 4. to run a half marathon in 1h45, I'm working on this one. 5. to run a sub 23m 5km, this one is also in a work in progress. 6. to run from halls gap to stawell. it's a distance of 28km, i want to count this one as a half marathon too, but I wont be doing this one until the end of the year, as I plan to do fundraising with it. 7. Run 1000km in 1 year. I'm on track for this one, so I will keep you posted. I also have other goals, but they aren't fitness related. (liked read 40 books). I love goal setting, in fact my most recent post was all about setting goals. Goals really keep you motivated, well they do for me.

    • Elle Linton
      May 7, 2013 / 09:55

      Sounds like you have some great goals set for yourself! You've even got me excited! Will def have a read of your post! I'm sure it'll will inspire me to continue to work towards my goals! Look forward to reading about your progress too 🙂 x

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