Training to Inspire: Goals 1 & 2

Specific goals get accomplished. Know what, why and by when. 

Yesterday I shared with you 2 of my goals for 2013; numbers 3 and 4! But before goals 3 and 4, comes 1 and 2! Here they are:

Why? My Pole Story is why! I completed the Intermediate 1 course in December 2012 and it’s usual for the course to be repeated several times before progressing to Intermediate 2. So fingers crossed I find a course with dates and times that suit me!

What? So, the plan is to complete the Inter 1 and possibly Inter 2 course as well as practising at home once every 2 weeks. My goal number 3 (improve upper body and core strength), as well as number 2, below, will also contribute to me completing this goal successfully.

Why? Last year I set myself the challenge of training for splits. I made good progress but after an injury in April I failed to get motivated again. I won’t bore you with the but’s, so it’s on my goal list again! I could also do with working on my shoulder flexibility; something I realised last year and also when I tried out golf for the first time! Stretching should be an integral part of our routine anyway so this is my goal!

What? So, the plan is to do a minimum of 10 minutes full body stretching every other day; attend yoga class once per week; complete my splits stretch routine every other day (I’ll share this in a blog post soon); attend flexibility and stretch classes when possible and record my splits progress monthly with photographs. 

Elle 🙂 x

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