Training to Inspire: Goals 3 & 4

Specific goals get accomplished. Know what, why and by when. 

So yesterday I shared my overarching goal for 2013 related to the #makeitcount campaign. I promised to make it count by training to inspire so I’m starting by sharing these 2 goals…number 3 and number 4!

Why? As women, we generally have lesser upper body strength than our male counterparts! I think a lot of us ladies are scared of looking too muscular; however, this will never happen as it’s not in our genetic make up! As an amateur poler I need that upper body strength to help me progress my tricks and continue to improve as this is an activity I would like to stay involved in.

What? So, the plan is to keep an eye on my progress – check on a monthly basis how many push ups and pull ups I can do; complete a core specific workout once per week and complete an upper body specific workout once per week.

Why? I think I ran my first 5k in 2009 which felt like a marathon to me then as the only running I had ever really done was as a 100m sprinter in my younger years. Since then, I aimed to run a 5k in under 30 minutes which I did in July 2011. After that, I signed up for my first 10k in July 2012, and my first half marathon in October 2012. Between all these races, my relationship with running has been on and off! I competed my half marathon in under 2:30 having never run the distance before. I feel though, that I need to go back to 10k and conquer that as I have only ever run that distance on 2 or 3 occasions. 

What? So, the plan is to run 10k at least once per month; interval training twice per month; take part in a 5k race; take part in a 10k race and continue to work my way through the green level on Nike+. 

So, not buts! What are your goals for 2013??

Elle 😉 x

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