What Would a Personal Trainer Honestly Do?

how I party 😉 

I was on Facebook as per usual when I came across an article in Women’s Health Magazine (UK) …What Would a Personal Trainer Do? This spiked my interest, after all most people think that their Personal Trainer is THE most disciplined person. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. What they are though, is human.

I read the article and felt like the answers given were great answers. Too great. Just perfect. Are all Personal Trainers this good?! Am I?!

So along with myself, I enlisted some of my Personal Trainer / Yoga Teacher friends to see if they’d share with me what they do. Honestly.

My go to remedy for a hangover is marmite on toast, with a glass of orange juice. There is method to my madness – martmite contains vitamin B, and OJ of course is laden with vitamin C, both of which are lost over the course of a night on the town. And let’s just face it, crunchy toast when you’re hungover is really comforting. – Georgina, Fitcetera

I can honestly say that this happens so rarely for me; maybe once a year?! But, when it does, I opt for a large glass of water before bed and survive the following day by rehydrating with nuun tablets in my water. A big greasy breakfast usually helps me along the way too 😉 – Elle, keep it simpElle 

I find white rice, soups, vegetables and chilli help so I get chinese or thai food. If I cant decide, I get both – Rishin, Yoga Teacher 

When I’ve had a
few too many drinks, I know the most important thing will be my body’s dehydration. which can result in decreased strength and endurance. So I will ensure my intake of H20 is high the next day and also ensure I have something like Coconut Water that contains Electrolytes – minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge. Electrolytes affect the amount of water in your body, the acidity of your blood, your muscle function, and other important processes. This will make sure you are back to yourself quicker! – Gemma, Crossfit Coach

Fortunately I havent been properly ill in over 20 years. If I do feel under the weather I call my mum. (for medical advice as shes a doctor) – Rishin, Yoga Teacher

Erm, I also call my mum! She was a Nurse in her hey day and is also very caring! She always knows what to do or at least makes me feel better! – Elle, keep it simpElle 


where’s your food?! 

I make a huge effort to make all my meals at home so if I eat out, I want it to be a treat. I’m not one for multiple courses and rarely have dessert so it’s all out in my main! If I’ve done a workout that day, I don’t mind splurging on my dinner! – Elle, keep it simpElle 

I tend to be quite greedy. I tend to go for whatever I believe is least likely to result in food envy on my part. I like menus in Prague. They list the weight of each menu item which makes ordering easy. – Rishin, Yoga Teacher 

When faced with a lot of choice I am a nightmare for pondering the menu for ages. But when I go out to eat I like to eat something I don’t often cook for myself. This usually means something with prawns (my partner doesn’t like them!). But if there’s a good burger on the menu I’m unlikely to resist. Better to choose what you want and go home satisfied than choose something “because it’s healthy” and feel like you’re missing out. – Georgina, Fitcetera

I also opt for something I wouldn’t make at home due to it being too much effort! I do love fries – any kinda fries! I tend to have a main and that’s it. No starters and very rarely a dessert. – Elle, keep it simpElle 

I’m the first to admit I like to have all the right kit. Road running trainers, off road shoes, obstacle race shoes, CrossFit shoes – you name it, I’ve got it. But what I really look for when buying trainers is a stand-out look. If you’re serious about a sport, then getting the right shoe for the job is a no-brainer, but if they’re ugly as hell you’re just not going to wear them! Make sure they fit well, and if you’re prone to injuries perhaps get your gait checked. But otherwise go for what you like and will want to wear. – Georgina, Fitcetera

I would also go to specialist shop and take advice from sales person to get the correct fit for my foot shape and foot strike. – Mollie M, PT Mollie

A couple years ago I’d have said I take my workout indoors if it rains but things have changed for me. Now, no matter the weather I’m out there. I find running in a drizzle / light rain can actually be quite refreshing. I do avoid a cycle commute in the rain though; mainly because of the palaver of having to get showered / changed / redressed at the other end – Elle, keep it simpElle 

I live in London so I am just as likely to do the same stuff as when its not raining! – Rishin, Yoga Teacher

When I only have 20 mins in the gym – I’ll do some high intensity mixed with movements I love and a few weak spots. EMOM (Every min on the min) workouts are great when you only have a short time. They keep you moving and as you tire, your rest time vs work ratio will reduce. Great for chanching the clock if you are someone who bores easily. – Gemma, Crossfit Coach

I don’t really go to gyms anymore (other than to teach yoga) but if I had just 20 minutes to exercise, I’d swing a kettlebell around or do a short yoga routine. I tend to run or cycle rather than get the tube though so most days I end up fitting in at least 20 minutes of exercise. (unless I am hungover and stuffing my face with chinese and thai food) – Rishin, Yoga Teacher

I rarely get takeaway so if I do I don’t worry about the calories or health concerns – Mollie M, PT Mollie

2 starters, 1 main (if I am hungry then 2 mains) – Rishin, Yoga Teacher 

If I fancy a takeaway, I usually opt for a quality supermarket version LOVE M&S chinese and indian range). That way I can see all the ingredients, calories and usually cook it in a more heart friendly way. It usually is also cheaper than a takeaway so is a win-win. – Elle, keep it simpElle 


I’ll have a smoothie or something that contains complex carbohydrate. Anything with oats works! I make and sell raw food bars and these generally tend to keep me energised through a workout/ride/run/yoga class. – Rishin, Yoga Teacher

Everyone is different. I try not to eat less than an hour or two before a workout as my digestion will interfere with the effort I can extend. – Mollie M, PT Moliie

This varies massively for me mostly based on how organised I have been. Last week, I was stuffing my face with banana as I walked to the pool for my swimming lesson! If I plan well though, I have a main meal 2-3 hours before a workout. – Elle, keep it simpElle 


I listen to podcasts from themeditationpodcast.com. I have no idea how any of the podcasts end because I am fast asleep within 5 minutes. (they even precede the podcasts with a warning advising people not to drive while listening to them) – Rishin, Yoga Teacher

I get up and do stuff! I figure if I’m gonna be awake I might as well do something productive. Reading or watching TV usually help and when I begin to feel like I can nod off I give it another go. – Elle, keep it simpElle 


Foam rolling!! – Rishin, Yoga Teacher

I pull out the jointace rub and hope for the best! – Elle, keep it simpElle 

A huge Thank You to Georgina, Rishin, Mollie and Gemma for sharing their answers with me!

So…What Would You Honestly Do in any of these situations?! 

Elle 🙂 



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