Why Go to the Gym Instead of Working Out at Home 

We all know that with a little ingenuity and the assistance of YouTube, we can turn our living rooms into makeshift gyms. But while home gyms may be able to support casual exercisers they can only fulfil so many workout desires. When it comes down to it, home gyms are often missing some of the crucial aspects of a bona fide sports centre. Here are some of the things you may be missing out on at home:

A Personal Trainer

Going to the gym doesn’t always mean you have a personal trainer but it gives you the opportunity to have one. We all want a little feedback sometimes; questions answered, postures critiqued, or some serious motivation to reach goals. Walking through the doors of a gym means having access to a personal trainer who can help you form a plan to fit your needs.

Aerobic Equipment

Running outdoors can be a great way to get out, exercise in the fresh air and even connect with nature, but jogging in your local area also has plenty of potential downsides. Weather, unsolicited interactions, darkness, temperature, and other factors can really hinder your drive to run up a sweat.

At a gym you’ll find a treadmill and other aerobic equipment. Knowing how fast you’re running and for how long, maybe even while watching your favourite TV show, allows you to get it done without worrying about external factors. The only restrictions you’ll run into are your own stamina and the gym’s closing time.

Like-minded People

If you close your eyes and imagine yourself in your living room, what do you see yourself doing? In all likelihood you’ll probably see yourself in your favourite chair without a heart-pounding thought on your mind. With that association it can be difficult to switch gears and turn your place of leisure into a place of activity.

A place designated for the sole purpose of working out can really help you get into the right mind-set. At your nearest sports centre or gym you’ll find people coming together for the single purpose of breaking a sweat. Being in such an environment can help motivate you to keep up, or at least train your thoughts to working up a sweat. Here your actions are validated through the actions of others.

It can be tough to motivate yourself if you’re doing planks right next to the kitchen, but when you’re with a tribe of like minded people, pushing yourself physically becomes your prime objective.

A Social Affair

Working out with your cat has never made anyone new friends (lol). After the days of University it can be difficult to form new friendships or relationships. People have crazy work schedules and families to attend to, and any number of other obligations that limit their free time.

The social atmosphere at a gym puts individuals with a shared interest together in the same room, and this shared interest can be a huge part of building friendships. And if you feel like you’re not seeing enough of your current friends, invite them to join the same gym. Wives and husbands are unlikely to be opposed to their partner joining a gym to stay healthy and fit, even if it is just an excuse to socialise, right?!

If you’re hesitant to commit to a certain gym membership, you can always test the waters with a temporary gym pass. Once you see what you’re missing you may just ditch your living room in favour of the gym floor.

So, workout at home?! Or do you head to the gym?!



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