Winter Run Club

In order to run in any of the Winter Run Club runs / sessions runners must agree to the following disclaimer:

I declare I will abide by any rules out in place by Elle Linton (of keep it simpElle) on behalf of Winter Run Club if I am participating in any of the runs / sessions.

Please confirm the following:

A) I will not take part in any runs / sessions unless I am to the best of my knowledge medically fit for that run and that in any event, I will participate at my own risk.

B) Should I feel unwell whilst participating in a run / session I will cease immediately and inform someone, so that the relevant assistance can be sourced.

C) I accept that the organisers (Elle of keep it simpElle) will not be liable for any accident, loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise in consequence of my participation in the run.

D) I accept that reasonable care has been taken by the organisers to risk assess the routes for the runs / sessions, but that unforeseeable circumstances such as conditions arising from natural causes, and adverse weather are beyond the control of the Organisers and other volunteers.

E) I accept that whilst every attempt will be made to have a trained first aider at the start and finish of the run / session this will not always be possible. When a first aider is not available for operational reasons, Elle of keep it simpElle will inform me before the start of the run, Should I wish to continue to participate I will at my own risk.