What if YouTube isn’t the Platform for You? #LSYLIVE Panel 2018

#LSYLive 2018 outfit

Just before I jetted off on my Summer vacay in July, I spent part of my afternoon moderating the “What if YouTube isn’t the platform for you” panel at LSYLive 2018 over in Camden. I tried to dress up for the occasion, as you can see, but my fresh Fila kicks still made it into my outfit of choice!

Who Are LSYLive?

LSY stands for London Small YouTubers which is a division of a volunteer community on Facebook called the Small YouTubers Organisation. They host fortnightly meet-ups and LSYLive was their first ever conference.

Meet My LSYLive Panel

I’m pretty sure having a fab panel made my task of moderating much easier. We had Amber-Doig Thorne (Facebook), Laura Bubble (Musical.ly) and Gurj Sohanpal (Instagram) all sharing their experiences of the platforms they use…

#LSYLive YouTube Panel
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YouTube and Me…

So, I do in-fact have a YouTube channel but it doesn’t get much love to be honest. There are sooooo many platforms out there and I’m already blogging, using Instagram almost daily, enjoy tweeting, post to Facebook often and have a love affair with Pinterest… where are we supposed to find the time to add in yet another platform?! …maybe the question is more like, why should we find the time to add in another platform… and should it be YouTube?! …that’s where the panel discussion comes in…

Watch The Discussion Here

The whole thing was recorded and is shared over on the Small YouTubers Organisation channel and embedded below. It is 26 minutes long though so I’ve shared the questions I asked below until you can find some time to watch the whole thing…

Question One: Which platforms did you explore using, including YouTube, and how did you choose which one to focus on?

Question Two: What has been your experience trying to grow on those platforms compared to YouTube?

Question Three: What’s your top tip for working with those particular platforms?

© MissionPixel and Small YouTubers Organisation
#LSYLive 2018 Panel with Elle Linton
© MissionPixel and Small YouTubers Organisation

Question Four: Although YouTube is a tried and tested platform, do you think platforms like IG Stories, GTV, Snapchat etc are major competitors with video content? Do you think these other platforms offer things that YouTube doesn’t or can’t?

Question Five: How do you go about monetising your content on other platforms?

Question Six: What do you think is the longevity of the platform(s) you are using?


I’d love to know your thoughts on the LSYLive discussion, or even just on the questions I’ve shared above and your thoughts on YouTube in comparison to other channels… even better, if you have a tip for YouTube to share with us then please leave it in the comments…

p.s I haven’t even watched the panel video as I’m not a huge fan of hearing my voice when it’s recorded… but I’ll pluck up the courage soon enough!

Elle x


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