Adidas UltraBoost 19 Running Shoe Review

wearing the adidas ultraboost 19 for city run one hour

I remember when the Adidas Ultraboost first launched. It was in my running hey day and I literally loved and ran in those shoes till I had to get new ones! I wore them for all my PB races (I think!). I started running with the Adidas Runners London crew a few years back and it gave me the opportunity to try pretty much every iteration of the shoe; some good, some not so good. The Ultraboost 19 though, I think they’ve gained some credibility back.

If there is one thing I will give Adidas is that the Ultraboost technology is hard to find in other shoes. I’ve found more than adequate substitutions in Under Armour and their HOVR range, maaaaaybe in a HOKA shoe but other than that, the cloud like feeling is hard to come by.

I picked up my pair as part of a collaboration with The Sports Edit and I’m so grateful they carry a different colourway (Raw Indigo / Raw Indigo / Shock Red) to the ones that are ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.

After I ordered my pair in a size 5, I started to stress ‘cos in the past I have had to size up in the Ultraboosts but these one’s are kinda true to size. If you love the technical stuff then you’ll need to know they have a 29mm heel drop, 19mm forefoot drop and 10mm midsole drop so yes, they are a curved shape which is perfect for a mid-foot striker like me (well, like I try to be!). In a size 5.5 they weigh just 268g. The Primeknit 360 upper means they fit your foot like a sock yet this current version seems to have a bit more support than previously.

They say the biggest change to the shoe is the 3D Heel Frame which is engineered to “provide a natural fit that allows optimal movement of the Achilles”. I can’t sit here and tell you that I could “feel” this difference though. But I like the shoe. I’ve worn them to train in and I definitely haven’t felt wildly unsupported by the upper in lateral movement which is a stark improvement. I’ve also worn them just for day to day comfort and dare I say it, a little bit of athleisure style.

You are gonna love these if… you are looking for a neutral and really responsive shoe. Adidas say “the more energy you give, the more you get”

Think twice if… you’re not a fan of ballin’ out when it comes to running shoes. It’s an expensive mistake to make but you can trial the shoes at the Adidas Runners London sessions

The All New Ultraboost 19 Colourway:

Elle 🙂 

The Adidas Ultraboost 19 retail for £159.95 (TSE have them for £99.50 in this colourway, when prices were last checked)


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