Welcome! Keep it simpElle is the professional insight into health & fitness that we all need. This blog was written with those who have some curiosity about the fitness industry in mind… those who enjoy being active but are keen to know more about the jobs, the businesses, the technology… you just want to come behind the scenes.

“[Elle] keeps it real with content that’s accessible for anyone interested in the fitness industry while also celebrating, highlighting and educating why/how her perspective is formed by experiences that are part and parcel to her ethnic identity”

Liana (on Twitter)

Every blog post is written with my audience in mind by adding value in the form of research, need to knows, reviews and opinion.

Before you get started come and spend a day with me.

Move Your Frame Staff - Expenses for Fitness Professionals

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I’m Elle; I’m a Fitness Professional based in the UK, with a degree in Exercise Science and over a decade of experience in Sport Development, Leisure Management, Personal Training and Group Exercise. 


I created this little blog back in 2012; it was the perfect place to share my contributions to the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics. I love to cover my own fitness journey (running, cycling, group exercise) wherever that may be around the world as well as food, all the fit kit, technology with a dash of musings from my MSc in Management and Business Innovation.


EMAIL: [email protected]