My Exact Set-up For Teaching On Zoom

Since the request to #StayHome was made of us here in the U.K, I’ve had no issues whatsoever adhering to it. After about a week of navigating the changes, I decided I would turn my living room in an online studio (I use it all the time for shooting content) and looked to fellow Fit Pros for inspiration to get set-up for teaching online classes using Zoom.

If you need to cover all the basics about Zoom and ideas for equipment then head over to my first post here. This post is just to document what has been working for me, partly to share, and partly so I have a record!

My Equipment List

How I Set-Up For Classes

I use one laptop to host my “meeting” and connect this to my TV via the HDMI cable. I then put Zoom on gallery view, so I am able to see all participants during class. The TV is close to me, but out of shot.

Gallery view of Zoom class participants

I use the second laptop for picture and sound. Because I use the TV to view participants, I never have to awkwardly approach the camera to see everyone else. I pin my image on this laptop so I can see what participants see at all times.

I have the two softbox lights positioned behind the camera facing me. One is usually lower and level with me, whilst the other is higher making sure the whole picture is bright. These were a gamechanger; without them I couldn’t run evening classes unless I would buy some massively brighter lightbulbs (and daylight ones) for my living space.

Laptop used as camera and sound for teaching on zoom

Zoom H1n/UK Handy Recorder

The recorder that I use as a microphone I actually purchased in 2019 to conduct interviews for my dissertation. I did some googling to discover it could be used as a microphone for other devices, laptops and cameras included. The cable that attaches it to my laptop is actually one for an old Polar device I used to own.

Zoom H1n/UK Handy Recorder used as microphone for teaching fitness classes on Zoom

How To Use Zoom H1n as a Microphone

Connect the micro USB to the Zoom H1n and the USB to your laptop (I use this cable). Switch on the Zoom Hn1, choose Audio I\F, then PC/Mac, then Bus Power.

I always test the mic and speakers of laptop in Zoom before class starts. Ironically, for my first class, I forgot to sort the mic out and started the meeting. When I plugged in the mic (to my 2019 laptop) I lost all sound! That’s how I ended up using two devices in the first place, but it’s worked out to be a useful method. If it aint broke, I aint gonna change it!

The quality and clarity of recording on this device was always insane, so I knew I would have no issues if using it as a microphone. One class, I had my google home mini playing very quietly in the back when I noticed one of my attendees dancing. When I asked, she told me she was dancing along to my music!

I have the microphone on a mini tripod like this one. It helps to keep the mic in position. I will probably buy some muffs for when I use the recorder outside again as it will pick up the wind for sure!

Creating Content From Teaching on Zoom

Repurpose videos on other channels – When I use one device for camera / sound and pin the view of just me, I’m able to record the class in Zoom without having the participants showing.

I save the recording to my device, rather than save to the cloud. Then I upload to iMovie (on my MacBook air), cut off what I need to at the beginning and end, add a cover image (made in Canva) and export as a movie file. I then upload this to YouTube.

You can check out one of my videos here on YouTube. You can also upload the video to a private Facebook group or on your Facebook Business page.

Take screenshots – I use the function on my laptop to take screenshots of participants as a kinda group “selfie”. I use them to accompany posts marketing my sessions and sharing feedback. They’re also great for adding to my Ko-fi page which I’m using to document my journey right now.

Use other devices – I’ve used my phone to record time lapses and take photos of the gallery view screen and I’ve used a GoPro to take a video (with still images) too. Again, these can be used on various social media channels for marketing and updates.

Asking participants to share and tag you – so you can repost their content and share with others. User generated content is always handy to have when you don’t have anything to share yourself.

Classes I Teach on Zoom

If you wanna join me for class, I have a weekly schedule which you can check out on the Train With Elle page.

I currently teach weekly Rollin’ with my Foamies (foam rolling) classes, abs & core, lower body, kettlebells and MetCon. Basically, something for everyone. Although we don’t know how things will unfold after the lockdown, I do think I will at least continue with the online foam rolling classes. They’re kinda unique and I’m hoping to build a community throughout this time.

Bookings and Payments For Zoom Classes

For my first sessions, I used my email software (Mailerlite) to deal with bookings. These sessions were free so I didn’t need to worry about payments – I just took donations through my Ko-fi page which go directly into my PayPal or Stripe account.

This became really confusing, really quickly so I asked around and decided to try out Gymcatch. They offer a free 3 month trial, and if you sign up through a referral link (here is mine) you get another month free.

22.05.20 Update: Gymcatch now integrate with Zoom! I waited a lot longer than expected but it’s here now. I managed to add links for all of my (already scheduled) next weeks classes really quickly.

Hopefully in the future, when creating the class it will make the unique urls for each week.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed delivering online classes. It gives me the same buzz as teaching my studio classes, without the need to leave the house. I prefer being able to see everyone rather than just teaching to what feels like “no-one” on Facebook or Instagram Lives.

Are you thinking about offering fitness classes online using Zoom?

Or have you already jumped in?!


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  1. July 17, 2020 / 12:14

    This post was so interesting and helpful. Thankyou 🙂

  2. April 20, 2020 / 14:38

    This is so interesting. I work (worked) for a private club and they’ve talked about bringing me back to each some Zoom classes but I haven’t done anything on my own. I also need to get set up to train clients, just in case this goes on much longer. Thanks for the info!

    • Elle
      April 22, 2020 / 10:20

      I’d jump at the chance to teach at the private club! It means you don’t even need to worry about marketing and will have an audience provided. There are pros and cons to both options… teaching for a club or going it alone. But whichever you choose, just make the most of it and enjoy!

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