[Video] 30 minute No Equipment Core Workout

30 minute No Equipment Core Workout

Not so long ago, I barely knew what Zoom was and I had no intentions whatsoever of ever using the platform to deliver online fitness classes (including core workouts like this one). But here we are, in the Spring of 2020 and I’ve created and launched a business in next to no time.

It’s been a steep learning curve, after figuring out how to work Zoom and use it to deliver fitness sessions, I then found some software to use for class bookings and management of the back end stuff.

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    You can find an overview of my weekly schedule on the Train with Elle page, but each week I’m offering a free foam rolling class and a free abs and core class in addition to kettlebells, MetCon (HIIT) and 1:1 Personal Training.

    30 minute Core Workout Video

    I decided to record one of my free sessions so that I could share it with a wider audience, create some content for the blog and use it as a kinda showreel in the future. Not so long ago, I went along to a casting and they asked for more footage of me teaching, which I didn’t have. So here is some content I can use in future.

    Make sure you have cleared an appropriate space to workout on. You don’t need any equipment but if you have a mat, you will be more comfortable. The mat I use can be found here – it’s perfect for all forms of workout and yoga.

    Have some water to hand and a towel if you’re the sweaty type!

    Give this workout a try and let me know what you think!

    So far during the current economic situation, I’ve loved delivering sessions online. Being out of work has been a little stressful, so having a reason to get dressed and move, makes each day a little more enjoyable.

    I’m keen to continue offering free content so it’s accessible for everyone no matter their financial situation. I have been taking donations on a “pay what you can” basis so if you enjoyed the session and are able to, please do consider donating by buying me a coffee.


    See you in the Zoom room?

    Don’t forget you can join me LIVE each week during lockdown and most likely beyond. You can check out the full schedule of classes here and if you have any questions, please just get in touch.

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      Were you already a fan of home workouts? Or have you had to just make do?!


      P.S Safety always comes first. If you are new to exercise ensure you seek advice from your GP. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, wear appropriate clothing and carry out drills in a suitable space. Technique is paramount, and nothing should hurt. Should you experience pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath etc, STOP and consult your GP. 


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