Rollin’ With My Foamies – Online Foam Rolling Classes

Elle using a foam roller demonstrating for Online Foam Rolling Classes

Whilst the entire world (literally) has been hit by the current situation, I can only speak to my experience in the fitness industry. With the majority of fitness professionals being self-employed, we’ve found ourselves with no income almost instantly after the closure of many gyms and fitness studios.

Since the U.K were asked to stay home, the amount of fitness content online seems to have exploded. Apps like Fiit already existed (read my review here) but now instructors, coaches and studios are creating free content left, right and centre.

Introducing Online Foam Rolling Classes

Part of me thought I should jump on this bandwagon, but another part of me kinda wanted to wait it out a bit and do something a little different. Something that would build on the content I already have and help me to grow my “brand” so to speak. One idea I came up with was to help you recover from all the home workouts you must be doing with some online foam rolling classes.

I already created my Stretch and Recovery PDF Guide not so long ago so I’m bringing that to life with a little help from my creative mind to call it ‘Rollin’ With My Foamies‘. What d’you think?!

After writing up a whole guide on how to set up and deliver fitness sessions on Zoom, I’m keen to try it out for myself as well as to keep using my teaching skills whilst we’re all stuck indoors.


  • Tuesdays, 12midday (BST) – 30 minutes
  • Thursdays 1900 (BST) – Full Body, 45 minutes
  • Sundays 1015am (BST) – Full Body, 45 minutes
  • Sundays 1130am (BST) – Full Body, 45 minutes

If you’re not UK based click here for the translated event times.


Online! So you can join in from anywhere in the world (if the time suits you).

We’ll be meeting on Zoom which you can download here, ready for class.

Maximum capacity on Zoom is 100 participants – maximum capacity for my sessions will be 25. That means there is plenty of room for you, so tell a friend, and tell them to tell a friend please. You can find some share buttons at the bottom of this post too.


A 30 – 45 minute guided foam rolling session. 30 minute sessions will focus on the lower body whilst 45 min sessions will include upper body and spinal mobility.

You will need a foam roller and optional tennis / massage ball. I’ve linked some good options below.

I won’t be playing music (too loudly) in this session as I will be focusing on verbal cues, so get a playlist ready if you want something to drown out the sounds you will make!

How Much?

30 minute classes are completely free to allow access for everyone, but I’m a self employed (now out of work) Fitness Professional so if you wish to donate – it’ll be gratefully received – you can do so via my Ko-fi link.

Each 45 minute class is £4.50.

*look out for the confirmation email in your inbox (or junk mail) after you’ve registered

Need a foam roller?

Here are some great options I picked on Amazon for you. The ones with the massage balls and sticks are great as they help you get right in there on tight spots!

I’ve now launched a weekly schedule featuring free and paid classes. Keep an eye on my Train With Elle page for the full schedule and any updates.

If you have any questions or feedback (classes you would enjoy, times that work best for you) then leave them below in the comments or get in touch via the contact form here.

Ready to roll?!


p.s if you get the reference “rollin’ with my foamies” let me know what you think it is 😉



  1. Rachel
    March 30, 2020 / 11:49

    Hi Elle,

    I love the name and I love the concept!! Rollin with my foamies is very inviting!

    As I’m in Australia your midday class time is 10pm here so too late for me. I’ll keep a watch out for other offerings though, it’s a great idea!

    I found your link via Zwift women’s cycling fb page do you have worldwide reach. I think you’ll reach 100 no problems 😃

    Take care,

    • Elle
      May 23, 2020 / 18:52

      Hey Rachel, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! I’ve added a Sunday (UK) morning session now which is the perfect Sunday evening session for my Aus friends so if you’re around, defo come along! Hope you’re keeping well!

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