INSANITY Live @ Reebok Sports Club

We all have a friend or know of someone who is doing the insanity workout, right?! 3 months of what sounds like torture according to their tweets and Facebook posts. By the end, they are looking and feeling great?!

I myself was a little afraid. I even now have my hands on the entire DVD set but was too scared to watch them never mind start the programme.

Then, guess what?! I got invited to a LIVE Insanity class at the Reebok Sports Club.

So What’s The Big Deal?!

Photo credit: www.reebokclub.co.uk

INSANITY group exercise classes are predesigned, athletic, drill-based, interval workouts that are guaranteed to get your heart-pumping.

Our fabulous instructor for this class was Tanya Camilleri! Her energy was amazing…I spent a lot of the time wondering how she was managing to do all this crazy stuff and look good doing it! 

The benefits  of this class include:

·         Faster increases in cardiovascular fitness.

·         Burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently.

·         Burn up to 1,000 calories per class.

·         Enhanced calorie burn that lasts anywhere from 3 to 24 hours after completion of the workout!

The one hour class works the entire body, beginning with an accelerated warmup and moving into 3 intense blocks of work, each one targeting a different element of fitness; a) plyometrics and endurance; b) strength and balance; and c) agility and co-ordination, before finishing with 8 minutes of functional core work and a final stretch.

At points, I was literally laughing…at how tough this was! I wondered if I would work as hard without the motivation of Tanya, and the support of having others around me! There is only one way to find out…

Post class, I could’ve eaten anything and everything and the next day my body was tired and achy! It’s been a while since I have done such intense cardio so my body must’ve been in shock!

The class will be available on the Reebok Sports Club timetable from April onwards.

So who has already gone INSANE?! or are you thinking about it!? Share your thoughts below or via Facebook / Twitter! 

Do you think you would prefer the class environment or the comfort of your own home?! 

Elle 🙂  


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