Talk Twenties Podcast Feature – Keeping Fit & Active

Original photo by Anna Rach Photography
Talk Twenties Podcast Feature

Well apparently podcast guest opportunities are like buses; you wait ages for one bus, then three come along at once! Today I’m sharing this episode of Talk Twenties that I recorded not too long ago with host, Gaby.

Gaby created Talk Twenties as the ultimate guide to adulting. A place to go for support and guidance on some of lifes toughest questions like saving for a house, kick-starting a career or just getting your day-to-day nailed with simple life hacks.

We basically put the world to rights, chatting about how the fitness world has changed during lockdown and how the focus shouldn’t be on losing weight but on feeling good about yourself and meeting new people.

Listen Now:

If we’ve not met before, then here is a recent quote from a feature on Healthline about myself and the blog:

Elle is a professional trainer and London-based entrepreneur who shares her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle via her blog, Keep It SimpElle. She keeps a fun tone throughout her posts, which include helpful workouts, running and cycling tips, and proper stretching. 

If you’re an aspiring fitness professional yourself, Elle has a section of her blog dedicated to business and blogging advice. Readers can also check out Elle’s online fitness classes, race appearances, and more.

Healthline, May 2020

So, if you’re doing Couch to 5k like me, then you can have listen on your next run. Or just tune in when you fancy some reduced screen time. I also recently featured on the Tough Girl Podcast – you can listen to that episode here.

When you’ve had a listen, please leave a comment below or on my social channels to let me know what you think.

Happy listening,



Original photo by Anna Rach Photography

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