Strong Habits Podcast Feature – Cycling, Mooncups & Adventures

Orignal photo by Josie Copeland.
Cover for Strong Habits Podcast Featuring Elle Linton - wearing liv cycling kit, smiling at camera.

The last few months have been a surreal experience for us all, huh?? One of the reasons I started a blog was that I’m not a huge fan of talking… or especially of repeating myself. But I’ve discovered, again, that talking really is good therapy!

I recently featured on the Tough Girl Podcast and on Talk Twenties Podcast, so when Pennie asked if I’d be up for chatting to her, I didn’t need to hesitate.

As per the title of this post, we got chatting about a variety of topics including being a (black) woman in cycling, moon cups and adventures.

The topic of diversity, especially in the realms I am most passionate about (i.e fitness, cycling, the influencer world) has been hugely elevated the last month or so due to global events being documented.

I’ve personally used my own social channels to share my own feelings (you can catch up on my Instagram highlight ‘Change’ and read about how to support black creators and fitness professionals) and will use every outlet I get to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.

Listen Now:

Incase we’ve not met before, here’s a list;e paragraph about me taken from a recent feature in Marie Claire:

Elle Linton is a 30-something fitness pro, entrepreneur and masters student, based in Essex. Her blog gives professional insight into health and fitness, but keeps things very real. Posts like ‘Why there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than ‘getting fit’ and ‘Talking tax & expenses for fitness professionals’ are interesting, engaging and insightful.

marie claire, June 2020

So grab a cuppa, or your headphones if you’re heading out for a run (I’m currently doing the couch to 5k programme) and have a listen. To quote my mum (lol) “…just listened to it, it was good! I had a few laughs”.

When you’ve had a listen, please leave a comment below or on my social channels to let me know what you think. 

Happy listening, 



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