Why There’s More To A Healthy Lifestyle Than “Getting Fit”

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Let’s talk. Just last month I wrote about the issues I’ve been going through as a result of being on the pill as well as the side effects I’ve suffered coming off the pill. I was surprised how many other women had experienced similar situations or had other symptoms, but I guess like most other things we go through as women, we don’t really talk about them all that honestly or openly.

I feel like I’ve used the quote “you don’t know what you don’t know” every single day recently, but fact is, it’s true. It got me thinking about how we age, and the effects of ageing on our bodies and how we just don’t really know what is in store for us. But we can do our best to live a healthy lifestyle as a preventative measure for ageing well… there’s definitely more to it than just “getting fit”

Anti-Ageing Products Should Be Used As Preventative Skin Care

I swear, I didn’t really think about this one until it was past the point that I should’ve started! In my mind, anti-ageing creams were for women who were already “old”, whatever old is! But it makes sense to start looking after your skin before it looks like you need to look after it! Check out my post with skincare tips for active women or my post on a challenge I took part in about having younger looking skin.

Fitness Isn’t Reserved Just For Getting Lean Or Running Faster Times

For sure, these are great reasons to workout but the long term benefits are also worth considering. Exercise and movement are great for losing or maintaining weight which in turn reduces your risk of   certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease etc. These all sound super serious and kind of a world away until you get diagnosed with one of them, eh??

You’ll Never Be As Young As You Are In This Moment Again 

I can’t remember where I heard this quote or even if I’ve remembered it accurately but for me, it’s a good reminder to enjoy every single moment. It can be useful to document some stats such as weight, or measurements like waist, hip, bust, arms or legs in order to keep track… but not too often. Once a month? That seems reasonable. It’s important to appreciate that our bodies change with time and age so expecting to have the body you had at 18yo when you’ve hit your 30’s is likely to be unrealistic.

It’s Good To Talk 

As I’ve gotten older, certain life events take place that really are mostly just associated with getting older. Marriages, deaths, illness and babies are just some of them; all common place, all a part of life but mostly unspoken. When it comes to matters of our intimate health especially, being better equipped to make the right health decisions is crucial to increase overall confidence and inspire other women to do the same. Canesten® are all about open and honest discussions and shared with me that Vaginal Dryness is experienced by one in three women; although it is a common symptom for those going through the menopause, younger women may be affected as well so if you’re suffering from symptoms of this, or anything else, don’t leave it untreated…

And if talking is too much for you, then it’s also good to listen (or read, or write). If you have any questions or just want to share something feel free to reach out to me via my social channels or privately (also via social channels linked below) or by email (details here).

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p.s this post has been supported by Canesintima®, but you know me, all thoughts as ever, are my very own ;) 

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