Why Rest Should Be On Your Training Plan

Getting ready for my sports massage (sports massage for recovery)

I’m sitting here in a tent, in the middle of Somerset writing this post; the plan was initially to ride a day of the Tour of Wessex but then University deadlines looming took priority. The whole event lasts 3 days and the riders are lucky enough to have a group of Sports Massage Therapists on site to help look after them. The most recent injury I’ve seen is a case of Bursitis…where the rider’s knee was filled with synovial fluid forming a visible lump. This is usually caused by overuse which got me thinking (again) about how important rest and recovery is… and I mean real rest. Netflix and chill kind of rest.

Function360 recently shared an article all about the 4 best strategies runners can use for their recovery – you can check out their post here. And of course, sports massage for recovery made it on that list and it’s understandable why! …Since I’ve made Sports Massage and other therapies a regular(ish) part of my recovery I’ve experienced so much less back pain and a considerable reduction in tension generally.

Dana working on my back (sports massage for recovery)

Dana working on my back at Function360 (sports massage for recovery)

The physiological benefits are plentiful however the psychological benefits may sometimes get overlooked. I went into Function360 last week for a massage with one of their newest Therapists Dana and honestly, my mind needed it as much as my body. With the stress of coursework deadlines looming, trying to keep up with actual work, housework, plan for the camping trip I’m now on… well, it was almost getting too much! Sports Massages release endorphins  and also promote relaxation… the effect on me last week was evident from the way I arrived and walked in versus how I felt when I left. It was 60 minutes to enjoy not having to think about all the things stressing me out, to enjoy some chit-chat (I think I chewed Dana’s ear off! lol) as well as to ease and soften some very tired and overused muscles; we focused on my middle back, shoulders and arms in this session.

And a Sports Massage doesn’t have to break the bank! They advise planning one into your training schedule every 4-8 weeks unless you have an injury for which a higher frequency of sessions may be more beneficial.

As a special treat for you guys, I have a little competition to give away a 30 minute Sports Massage at Function360. I’ve made it as easy a possible to enter; you literally just have to leave your name, email (so I can contact you) and tell me whether you’ve ever had a Sports Massage before or not! You can do all that below in the Gleam widget… Please do feel free to share on Twitter / FB etc as I always appreciate the support in helping me spread the word…. or even leave a comment on the post!

Function360 30 minute Sports Massage

Elle 🙂

If you don’t wanna wait for the competition results or you’re in need of another type of treatment you can give Function360 a call and get booked in with a 15% discount when you quote the code F360EL15. (I don’t get anything when you use the code other than the pure satisfaction that you’re treating your body to what it deserves!)




p.s I have updated all my policies to make sure they are inline with the whole GDPR stuff that came into force in May 2018 so I won't be using your contact details for anything other than this compeition. You can find my policies here: www.keepitsimpElle/policies

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  1. May 30, 2018 / 17:33

    I wish this place would be near me but it’s far far from Manchester 🙁 so I cannot really enter this competition. But you are right, rest is definitely really important part of anybody’s training. I’ve been doing some really hard workouts from Beach Body on Demand lately and some days my muscles ache too much so I give them a rest. Sports massage would be quite cool so I will see whether I can find something affordable locally..

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