Ultimate Treatment For Hair & Acne Update

I was gifted the KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment and products. All skincare is NHS (paid for) and bought myself. Photos by Anna Jackson

It’s been a hot minute since I posted 4 Skincare Tips For Active Women on the blog and tbh I think I’ve been pretty good at following the advice myself. However, as you may remember, I have been struggling recently with post-pill acne so I’ll do a little update on that as well!

Ultimate Hair Treatment For Gym Bunnies

About 8 weeks ago, I popped along to Cobella’s Salon in Kensington to try out KeraStraight’s Ultimate treatment; a protein packed formula to hydrate, strengthen and repair even the most thick and curly hair types (*enters me with a hugeeeee head of hair*).

This Is How It Works

“Ultimate Treatment has increased hydration levels which allows the advanced blend of low pH proteins to delve deep into the hair before expanding; this mean the hair retains moisture enabling KeraStraight’s proteins to deliver next level repair and straightening results simultaneously. KeraStraight only uses the best, most natural ingredients to deliver its incredible rebuilding and transforming results.”

The treatment is super versatile so although I chose to just have it reduce frizz and make my hair a bit more ‘manageable’ there is the option to go full blown straight and smooth.

My KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment Results

The results of the KeraStraight Ultimate treatment are supposed to last up to four months, so I’m just half way through right now. As part of the treatment I had my hair blow dried straight in order to activate and set the product. My hair felt the softest it has in as long as I can remember and also looked healthy and shiny. I kept my hair straight for about a week then washed it to see the final results of the treatment.

Initially, I wasn’t sure there was any difference at all but over time I could see recognise the difference. My ‘curls’ definitely had some more definition and were a tad bit loser, my hair was still soft and changing styles (ready for the bike) was much easier than the struggle I am quite used to.

Here are some of the products I have been using:

Would I do it again?! The first treatment took quite a while (a few hours in the salon) but I do believe every subsequent visit is just a top up so should take less time. So yes, I would do it again. I was apprehensive that it would damage my hair like chemical relaxers do but my fears were alleviated in the salon and the results speak for themselves!

The Post Pill Acne Update

So I think I went to my GP last year and asked him if I could try a topical lotion called Epiduo after I spoke to someone on Instagram who it had worked for. In the same appointment I also requested a referral to a Dermatologist as my GP could only suggest Roaccutane. Anyhow, Epiduo did nothing for me except make my skin really dry and even caused me some pigmentation issues under my eyes / on my cheek bones so I decided to just hold tight till my Dermatology appointment which was scheduled for early February 2019.

The day finally came and I told her my thoughts on my acne being hormone related and she insisted that because I don’t have hair growing from unusual places (and other symptoms) that it wasn’t. I’m still not convinced.

We agreed to try a 3 month course of Trimethoprim which is an antibiotic with a review in early May to decide whether or not to elongate the course. Almost at the 3 month date and my skin has improved but that could also be due to other factors such as…

The Dermatologist also suggested:

  • Use this moisturiser which is more often than not, discounted
  • Don’t use harsh exfoliating products especially those ones with microbeads
  • Avoid dairy and refined sugar
  • To take a look at the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) Patient Information Leaflets (PILS) and read up on Isotretinoin – also known as Roaccutane – which for me is not really an option (here is the acne specific PIL)

I also tried these:

  • I bought the instagram hype and got this soap which is available in Boots. I use it in the mornings when my skin is make up free and just needs a good clean.
  • I use these muslin cloths to clean off the soap which also provides some very gentle exfoliation
  • I got this facewash to use in the evenings when I take my make up off. It’s the same range as the moisturiser I now use and comes highly recommended from a friend.

According to the Dermatologist, the aim of the treatment is to put my acne in “remission” (her words!) and then I assume, hope for the best that it doesn’t return?!

So that’s my hair a little more “under control” (although I hate using that kind of language to describe afro hair as I feel it perpetuates stereotypes!) and my skin is defo getting more under control as time goes by…

What are you hair and skin saviours?! Do you also suffer from acne?!




I was gifted the KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment and products. All skincare is NHS (paid for) and bought myself. Photos by Anna Jackson

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