Shot Of Summer: The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Shot Of Summer: The Ultimate Workout Playlist

This year, as like most, I challenged myself to see how long I could go until I had to turn the heating on. I think I made it to about the 15th November for which I’m very proud (I was born in a tropical climate afterall!). Since then, the days have been getting darker still and we’ve even seen a few flecks of snow here in London. Winter is not coming. Winter is here.

Apparently, 59% of us wish it was summer all year round. Is that you?? …I’m not too sure, I quite like transitioning seasons but I think in an ideal world I’d definitely reduce the length of the colder spells. E.ON set me the challenge of making life a little more summery this winter and tbh for a while I was really stuck for an idea…

Then it hit me. Nothing changes my mood quite like music does. The tracks I play in my classes are the source of my energy so surely this would work for making me feel a little more summery?!

Shot Of Summer: The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Winter-proofing My Home

I’ve basically made my home as winter-proof as possible whilst also trying to monitor my energy usage (I’m actually a stickler for this, you’d never know!). My heating is programmed to come on at certain times each day including just before I wake up so my bedroom is nice and toasty giving me one less reason to not want to get out of bed. Then when I head out, I turn my heating onto the setting that just keeps a low temperature while I am out.

I also try not to whack the heating up every five minutes and ensure that I’m wearing a snuggly jumper and consume copious amounts of tea to help keep me warm! I’m actually an E.ON customer too so I keep an eye on their See tool where you can track and compare energy usage; I always aim to use less than the previous year!

Compiling The Best Summer Tunes

Anyway, back to the music! I couldn’t do this on my own, so I reached out to all my friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for suggestions and then collated them all in the aptly named Spotify playlist – Shot of Summer. It’s a great mix of songs from 2017, some old school vibes plus a few songs I actually had never heard before. Listening to this playlist comes with that extra fuzzy feeling knowing that each song contributed is special to the person that suggested it too!

The Ultimate Workout Playlist

You can use the playlist for your workouts, to get groovy while you do your housework (just me?!) or even as background music over dinner or during revision!

Hop over to the E.ON blog when you get a chance to check out tips they are sharing from Love Island contestant Gabby Allen (fun fact: I worked with Gabby at FRAME before she went into the show).

How do you deal with the effects of the changing weather?! 



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  1. Vicky | The Flourishing Pantry
    December 13, 2017 / 13:32

    I really want one of those energy trackers to see how much I'm spending as I go! Must be fascinating and really make you aware. I don't think I'd want summer all year round either, but a little shot of sunshine and warmth in the winter is always good.

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