Sport’n Style: VeloVixen Part 2

As part of my “prize” for winning the VeloVixen Next Top Model competition I received a gift card worth £150. I could let loose on their website and buy anything I wanted. I took this matter seriously though and ended up splitting my order. I decided I’d spend some of the money on “sensible” things especially as when I did place my first order I didn’t actually own a bike (but it was on order!)

Check out my first order here <<Sport’n Style: VeloVixen>> Everything I chose was either to keep my new bike secure and / or to keep me cycling as the weather changes.

My second order, however, was all about treating myself!

Ginger & French Bike Mug

I’ll be moving back to Essex soon and won’t be able to cycle commute which equates to less cycling overall. So to try and help me keep that cycle feeling, I chose this mug to drink my beverages out of each and every morning!

Vulpine Women’s Cycling Cap 

One to put down till the summer! I’m happy to report it actually did fit my head, over all the hair I have! I wore it out under my helmet on a day when it was raining and it helped to keep the water out of my eyes.

I then just left it to dry on the radiator when I got home! I never ever thought of buying a cycling cap but after seeing how cute it looked when I did the photoshoot I was sold! 

Vulpine Women’s Merino Short Race Socks

To match my hat πŸ™‚ …I only recently understood the benefits of Merino Wool. It’s a perfect material for us who like to get sweaty. It also keeps you warm which is very much needed when cycling outdoors in the less than perfect weather. 

Suzy Q Silver Plated Bicycle Necklace 

I finally, FINALLY, got my hands on one of these! Couldn’t be happier! Delicate and understated. I chose it to serve as a reminder of what an amazing day I had on the VeloVixen Photoshoot in September! 

All of these items make great stocking stuffers too for the cyclists in your life! 

What are your favourite cycling accessories or stocking stuffers for Christmas?! 




  1. CARLA
    December 12, 2014 / 12:09

    OH I LOVE THE NECKLACE!!! My cycling sister would as well.

    • Elle Linton
      December 13, 2014 / 16:35

      It is ΓΌber cute, makes a great gift (even to oneself!) and is a great memento! πŸ™‚

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