A Little Life Update / Autumn ’18

What a difference a season makes, eh?! It’s been well over 3 months since my last life update back in July and as always, alot has changed and / or been going! So grab yourself a cuppa tea, maybe even a biscuit and lets do some catching up for Autumn 2018. In no particular order…

making notes and a life update

This little blog made it into the shortlist for Best Health & Fitness Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards taking place in November! …this was exciting news which I kinda had an inkling was coming as last year the top 6 blogs made it to the shortlist and I was now sitting at number 5! The awards take place at the end of November and I’m really looking forward to getting glammed up and enjoying an evening with friends along with a few nerves in the hopes that I win, I guess.

Just like that, the Summer break is over and I am already one month into my second year lectures! …time flies when you’re having fun they say. Well, I’m not sure how fun this term is gonna be with me taking modules in Principals of Financial Reporting and Intellectual Capital and Competitiveness. My lecturer informed us that the finance module has the highest fail rate of all management modules; I’m not sure if this put me off or lit a fire in my belly! It’s been interesting learning the basics of accounting and they are skills I’m in no doubt will be useful to have in the future. As for my other module, it seems to be a bit repetitive of other innovation and digital business modules. I have an essay due in in two weeks time which I’m really struggling to get to grips with but fingers crossed I will buckle down and get something decent on paper.

This also means that my dissertation is really happening. I recently got access to the handbook so I need to have a read through that and start thinking about what area I want my work to be in. I’m kinda leaning towards platform businesses and what makes them successful. By the end of this term I have to submit a proposal with my proposed area of study and request for a supervisor based on that. I don’t think we are “stuck” with what we propose but it would be good to nail down an idea sooner rather than later…

Incase you missed the memo, I started working full time again too, which means I’ve drastically reduced my teaching timetable! …it was one of those situations when you know you can’t do everything. I never intended on going back to work full time so September ended up being ridiculously busy with a full time job, all my teaching commitments, starting my sports massage course, blog stuff and everything else I agreed to when I thought I had all the time in the world! Then majority of my teaching made my days too long based on having to catch up with work and then my corporate class clashed with my lectures. The only classes I’ve kept on my schedule are my Friday evenings at GymBox because time permits and I’ve been teaching that same slot for maybe 4 / 5 years and I love the crowd (past, present and future) that come along to sweat with me!

I had to quit my Sports Massage course. Or at least put it on hold for the time being. In an ideal world I would’ve done most of the work during the Summer but at that point I thought I would still be working freelance right now. There’s no way humanly possible I can find the time to do all the revision, worksheets and prep for assessment with how much I have going on. Add to that, a group assignment for my finance module and weekends are the only time we can all be free to get together which means I would miss one day of my final weekend. That was a tough decision to make, but I’m only human.


I don’t wanna bore ya all, so I’m gonna leave it there! Won’t be long before it’s time for a Winter update. I’m hoping to take a little mini break around the holiday season / New Year… any suggestions?!



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