A Little Life Update / Summer ‘18

Even though the mornings are chilly (yes, 530am is still cold)… we’re hoping that this unseasonably hot weather in London will last, right? It’s only been a couple of months since my last life update back in “Spring” lol… but lot’s has been going on since then… so grab yourself a cuppa tea, maybe even a biscuit and lets do some catching up for Summer 2018. In a very particular order… starting with the biggest and best news, here goes:

0.4 miles on Adidas City Run One Hour route photo by James Carnegie
Photo Credit: James Carnegie

Can you believe that this here blog, is gonna be 6 years old this July… and it’s kinda crept up on me so I haven’t even planned a way to celebrate. I’m gonna just have to play it by ear and drag out the celebrations for the whole month… or even just the whole year?!

If you’re reading this right now though, you’re one of the awesome people I want to thank for supporting me! I had no intention of “being a blogger” when I started this journey and tbh, it’s only a part of what I do. My passion is in the fitness industry and I’m so lucky to get to continue that through the blog and my social media channels!

I’m also very grateful for all the amazing guys and dolls I’ve got to meet through fitness, blogging and social media! So next time I see you, let’s have a toast?

Aaaaannd, school is out for the Summer… that’s it. One whole academic year is done and I think I’m gonna celebrate it all Summer along with the blogiversary! I officially am free until October 2018 and already July and September are packed full of fun stuff to do.

Once I’m back though, I won’t be done until my dissertation is submitted in September 2019 so next Summer might not be as much fun at all! …the year has gone so quickly and it hasn’t been without a ton of ups and downs but it’s been worth it for sure!

I’ll be back running the British 10km on the 15th July… I’ll be running in the Westminster 100 team to support the UN Women National Committee UK and their work for voting equality. 

100 years ago The Suffragettes used #deedsnotwords to win the vote for women, on behalf of themselves and generations to come; however in 2018 women around the world are still four times more likely than men to be abused, intimidated and prevented from voting … so there is still work to be done!

…now to sort my kit to run in… I’m taking my inspo from Under Armour (who FYI offer a student discount AND free delivery for EVERYONE!):

I’m all registered to complete my L3 Sports Massage with Discovery Learning… because doing a Masters isn’t quite enough learning for me! Before I get truly bogged down with dissertation stuff (circa Jan 2019) I’m gonna get a little bit of CPD (continuing professional development) under my belt.

Sports Massage will be a whole new area for me and I’m excited to get stuck in! I’m doing the course part time which is one weekend a month in September, October and November before a longer weekend in December to complete my final assessment.

I’m gonna have to brush up on my anatomy and physiology though… it’s been a while! …and if you’re in London… I’m probably going to need people to practice on… so, who’s in?!

new power row classes at frame farringdon with elle linton

I added some new classes to my weekly teaching schedule… Frame opened their newest studio a stones throw from Farringdon station.

You’ll find me on the timetable there on Wednesday lunchtimes teaching Power Row at 12:20pm and then Quickie Row at 13:10 (a 30 minute version of Power Row).

According to the Frame website… Power Row is designed to challenge your strength, speed and stamina through a dynamic 3 station circuit made up of rower, bodyweight and barbell.

A banging soundtrack and high energy instructor will help you power through and keep you motivated. So I am there to bring it to you every week…

You can find my permanent schedule on the Train with Elle page and then I post my weekly schedule including any cover on my Facebook page on Sunday nights and pin it to the top!

setting up my galaxy S9+ before meditation

I stepped over to the dark side… and now I’m #TeamAndroid! I never saw this day coming to be honest… I just wasn’t brave enough to get an android phone incase I didn’t love it. But a few months ago, I got a Blackberry Motion and I get along with it quite well!

I was using it everyday for music when teaching and also to edit photos as my iPhone had barely any storage on it and the battery would last me half a day if I was lucky.

At the end of May, I went along to an event with Samsung all about wellbeing and that was the start of my android life. I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S9+ every since and I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It was also an excuse to treat myself to a new case (I got this one for day to day use, and then I upgraded my Quadlock case for the bike). I’m also kitted out with a Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch which I’ve been loving using to track my workouts and generally keep an eye on my wellbeing.

It was especially handy when I was running around town on the Brompton and wanted to record my rides but didn’t have or want to use the Garmin. As with most devices, once your activity is recorded it directly uploads onto Strava ready for everyone to give you some kudos… even for my multiple 1km rides!

I’m pretty sure my summer is going to go super fast but I’m fully prepared and ready to soak it all up! Here’s to a fabulous summer for us all… got anything big planned? …who’s off on vacation for starters?!




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