A Little Life Update / November '16

I know we’re all really good at keeping ourselves busy, right?! But when you’re a freelancer you need to make sure that the stuff you’re doing to keep yourself busy is actually earning you money! …and, if you’re the type of person who has big goals in life (I’d like to think I am under that umbrella) then you also need to make sure that you’re taking steps towards achieving goals that you have. So I turned on those two filters recently – 1. Am I being paid? 2. Is this gonna get me a step closer to my goals along with 3. Do I really want to do this / go there? – to help me to come to a decision.

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We all love a little life update, right?! I really enjoy reading others so I thought I would share a quick one with you now… grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a read…

I applied for my Masters degree, got accepted, but have decided to defer. I finally found the course that was right for me (Management with Business Innovation at Birbeck) but then I realised that if I started this October, I would have missed a few weeks of lectures (due to my own procrastination in applying) and I would probably have to quit some teaching jobs (and income) to make it work. So the best decision was for me to defer to October 2017 to give me time to work, save a little and get organised. A Masters degree isn’t a walk in the park after-all…

I fell in love with indoor cycling again, and decided I needed to pluck up the courage to get back into teaching it. I qualified in indoor cycling maybe about 8 years ago?! I can’t even remember; but I’ve never taught a class. After training for L’Etape London this summer with indoor cycling classes once or twice a week I really got back into it. This week I went along to a Bikes & Beats workshop at Gymbox to hangout with other instructors, swap ideas and chat about delivering the class. So now my next (short term) goal is to prepare a couple of tracks ready for the next available auditions. 

I suddenly turned (what I have named) pseudo-vegan / vegetarian. I don’t know what happened, but I have really gone off meat recently. I can still happily eat fish, and I’m pretty sure I would eat meat if I really fancy it but right now, I’m just not craving it! I had to seek inspiration for my weekly shopping though, and I dug out my ‘Thug Kitchen – Eat Like You Give A F*ck‘ vegan recipe book which I’ve owned for well over a year and never used! I’ve been enjoying the brown rice bowl for breakfast / lunch, the cornmeal waffles with strawberry syrup and the coconut bread was out of this world (this is based on sharing the loaf and receiving feedback too!). But generally, I stick with being a ‘Flexitarian’ – I don’t want to label how I eat, I just eat what I fancy when I fancy it! 

Week one of Winter Run Club has come and gone! …when you host a party, you always worry that no one may turn up! So I was happy that there were 15 of us on launch night for #TinyTYRunClub last Thursday evening. I blinked, and it’s Thursday all over again! If you’re in London, I’d love for you to come and join us one evening (always appreciate the support, y’know?!) as we cater for all abilities! Any questions, just let me know! 

I auditioned at FRAME (an awesome group of studios in London) and am now training up in their class concept, ‘Lift’. I kid you not, auditions just make me so nervous and I’m always glad when people can see past that! I feel like auditioning is never the same as really being in front of a group of peeps ready to sweat but I understand it has to be done! …but what made me even more nervous was the fact the class is completely choreographed and I had to co-teach my first class this week! I literally didn’t sleep the night before with all the moves going through my mind and then I feel like my brain just let go of everything I remembered when it was time to teach! haha! …but now thats done, I feel so much more at ease about co-teaching again and continuing to learn the choreography. 

To help me practice my Lift choreo, and because I like to train at home when I can, I bought myself a pump set (a bar and weights). I got {this one from Physical Company} as it’s the perfect combination of weights that I need, looks pretty (yes, yes I said that!) and Physical Company are a reputable brand. 

I think I could probably have kept on writing but I’ll take a breath and stop there… 

What’s going on with you?! Is everyone getting geared up for C H R I S T M A S?! Check out this protein chocolate advent calendar (you get the chocolate and the gains?! lol)…

Elle 🙂 

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