A Little Life Update / Spring ’17

So it’s been a good few months since I did a little life update and if you’ve been following along you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only thing going on in my life right now is me on a bike training for my London to Paris ride. Although that is a massive focus of mine, plenty else has been going on…

I started my role as a This Girl Can Ambassador for Essex a short while back. Although I’ve lived in Essex for the majority of my life I’ve always been drawn to working in the City (London) so it’s meant I’ve never really gotten to know what’s going on in my area. Since ParkRun started back in January on my doorstep it’s been a pleasure to roll out of bed, roll down a hill and enjoy being a part of a local group. This role allows me to connect with other ambassadors and women across the whole country as well as providing a bursary to allow me to up-skill in order to delivery physical activity programmes in my surrounding area and beyond.

In my last life update I shared with you that I’d be attending an audition at Bests Bootcamp. Well, I did go and I didn’t do too bad. Sadly, the teaching times they were looking to fill were times I already teach so I wasn’t able to join the team back then. Since then, they’ve got themselves a Master Trainer who looks after recruitment and their new academy to train new instructors. I auditioned again just last week and successfully made it though to the next academy starting in mid July. If you’re unfamiliar with the studios they offer a Bootcamp class made up of treadmill work and floor work with a wide variety of equipment to use. They also offer indoor cycling (which I hope to audition for when I get Bootcamp out of the way!).

I was lucky enough to have a little feature in Shortlist Magazine talking about my favourite breakfast drinks which included the likes of Califia Farms Cold Brew and Almondmilk.

A couple months ago, I saw on Facebook that Velovixen were searching for women to become Anna’s Legs Ambassadors. With cycling being a big focus for me it seemed like the perfect opportunity. A few years back I was lucky enough to win the Velovixen Next Top Model competition so for to be a part of the photo shoot so you can still see my face hanging around their website and promotional materials every now and again. That shoot was also the first time I ever rode a road bike so it makes me smile to think back to it and realise how far I’ve come…
Anyway, myself along with two other fabulous ladies were chosen as Ambassadors and I got to pick myself a pair of crops from the new range. My first choice was initially the black with stars based on versatility but in the end I went for the mountain sunset print which have been perfect in the sunny settings we’ve had recently. I’ll get to meet Anna herself along with the other ladies in person this August and of course, we’ll be getting on our bikes!

I’m back at The Running School because running is still on my agenda and will be as long as I physically can do it. I’ve got The British 10km coming up in just over two weeks so I’ve been brushing up on my technique to make up for a lack of mileage. I’m hoping that my gains from riding will transfer to running and get me from start to finish on July 9th. I was lucky enough to run this race officially last year but this year I’m doing it for my own enjoyment. I won’t be writing a race recap as it’ll be my fourth time but if anything spectacular happens that I need to document I’ll be sure to share with you!

I ran the Vitality Westminster Mile and it felt good! I had no idea what time I would be able to run this race in as a) I hadn’t been running as consistently as before and b) a mile was never a distance I could fare well over. I bumped into some familiar faces at the start line and decide I would stick with them but once we got going I felt comfortable and decided to push a little harder. I’ve run the course a couple times before so it helps to know what to expect and to know what you have left ahead of you. Running it in 08:11 is now my new PB for this race!

The photos in this post were taken at the launch of The Wellness Collective. They partnered with Aster Restaurant, Victoria to provide a unique wellness experience that connects London’s top personal trainers, wellness influencers and the Nordic inspired top restaurant. The aim was to create a destination experience for the restaurant’s weekend brunch menu; The Wellness Collective created a bespoke “pop-up” small group personal training concept which took place in an area of the restaurant followed by a their signature 2 course brunch menu giving us a healthy start to the weekend that’s a cut above your average gym class.

…So I think we’re all caught up now! …what’s going on with you?! 

Elle 🙂 


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