Long Ride Sunday Lessons || Saturday 17.6.17

Apparently, two pan au chocolats and a protein shake is a decent breakfast. Today’s shake was 250ml almond milk, a scoop of Vega chocolate Clean Protein, 1 tbsp smooth Pip&Nut peanut butter and a tsp of ground cinnamon.

I can’t be on time when leaving the house with a bicycle. Malfunctioning sunglasses, drinking my smoothie from the blender jug, fiddling around trying to get my handlebar bag on, having to move my gps mount (with an allen key), forgetting my gloves… the list goes on.

Said handlebar bag is useful for carrying items like portable charger, keys and extra food. I have *this one* from Decathlon (pictured above) and have taken it on two rides so far. It doesn’t change the feel of my bike in any way and allows me to carry a little less in my jersey pockets which feels great. It just about sits nicely under my gps mount and GoPro making it easily accessible when I’m on the move and useful for storing everything off the bike when we stop to refuel.

I count every single revolution of my bicycle wheel including the 1.2km ride to the tube station… and it gets “Strava-ed” too otherwise it didn’t happen.

Leaving at 11am on a 29 degree day wasn’t the smartest idea. Coming home was a killer when my dehydration headache hit. I’ve honestly never drunk as much water on any given day than I did on this day. Couldn’t have done it without nuun …it’s my failsafe way to replace lost electrolytes. I’ve just had my supplies topped up with nuun active (tri-berry) and nuun boost (cherry limeade, with added caffeine).

We talked a lot about going commando in our bib shorts. I’ve never looked back since doing this! I road tested the Boardman Womens Cycle Shorts (also in picture above) on this ride and loved the fit. I’m not sure any Lycra related cycle clothing could be described as flattering but relatively speaking these ones weren’t too bad. The length was just right so they sat above the knees and didn’t cause too much of a sausage leg situation. They stayed where they are meant to (on the waist and on the leg) so they did their job, huh?!

Wear a cute sports bra ‘cos when it gets stupid hot you’re gonna wanna lower the zip on your jersey (or whip it off and join the sports bra squad).

When you’re hot and hungry a warm pineapple SiS Energy Gel is delicious.

Tan lines from cycling are ridiculous. And yes, black people tan too. Check out my Instagram stories after my rides to see what a mess the sun is making of me!

I still crave a hot shower after a hot sweaty ride even though it’s the thought of a cold shower that gets me home.

Never order Chinese food when you’re hungry from cycling. You end up with enough to feed 2-3 people …all for yourself. At least that’s lunch and dinner sorted for the next day, eh?!




  1. Scarlett
    June 21, 2017 / 15:21

    I will have to try this protein powder out! Sounds like a great protein shake! Thanks for the share, love stopping by your blog.

    • Elle Linton
      August 20, 2017 / 20:35

      Thanks Scarlett!

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