Looking After My Eyes & Updating My Specs with Scrivens

Back in primary school it was literally trendy to wear glasses so when I got diagnosed as short sighted with astigmatism I was over the moon! I clearly remember the Optometrist telling me that I’d just need to wear the glasses for 18months and then everything would be right with my eyes. So I thought this was semipermanent yet here I am, some 25 years later still wearing glasses…

As I entered the world of work I wore my glasses less and less even though I needed them more and more. Then I was told to always wear them for activities like using a computer, watching tv and driving. When I became more active though I ventured into the world of contact lenses however I never like to wear them for more than 3/4 days per week.

One lesson I’ve learnt with glasses and clothing actually, is that you can’t or shouldn’t just go for what’s fashionable. It’s best to choose a pair based on what suits the shape of your face and looks good on you rather than what is the latest trend. So I went along to my consultation at Scrivens Opticians in Enfield with a completely open mind.

Scrivens are currently running a designer frames and sunglasses event (until Saturday 17th June) where they’re offering 25% off designer frames (full terms and conditions apply). Alongside this you also get a free consultation to help you pick out a pair that is perfect for you.

I had Jennifer from the store helping me to choose my specs from the large selection available in the store. I tried on some of her suggestions, some classic frames, some way “out-there” styles as well as a few I liked the look of. They also have a nifty little screen / camera set up where you can take pictures of yourself in the frames and then compare the images. I did use this but I also chose to take selfies on my phone and share them on Instagram stories to ask everyone which ones they thought looked best. I shared my favourite two from the selection that I had tried on and was relieved when all the responses I got back on instagram also chose the pair I went with in the end.

I’d forgotten how much there was to consider when choosing glasses including how they sit on the bridge of your nose, whether the arms are the right length to fit behind your ears, if they sit on your cheeks and move too much and a very personal issue of mine, whether they leave enough space for my eyelashes to flutter! …yes, I’m serious; I have quite long lashes and Maybelline only helps to accentuate them!

I spent around 30 minutes in the consultation and we sat down to take my measurements to ensure my final frames would fit me well and that the lenses would be made to suit where my eyes / pupils are. I get to pick up my new frames in a couple of weeks and I’m genuinely looking forward to rocking them out and about on days I want to rest my eyes from contact lenses.

I guess our eyes might be something we don’t consider much when we think about health and wellbeing but having been wearing specs since childhood I definitely consider them an important part of my health!

So please excuse the hat hair in the selfies but, A. or B.?! …keep an eye out on Instagram stories to find out which ones I chose when I go to pick them up later this month!

Do you go and get your eyes tested regularly?! Do you invest in your glasses?!

Elle 🙂


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