In Training For L’Etape London with Hire Fitness

Remember when I announced that I’d be taking on my first sportive in September?! Yup, well I got straight down to business with training even getting out on a few weekend long rides. Then, typically, life got in the way so I started to explore ways of fitting training in around my schedule. I looked into getting a turbo trainer but having never used one before, I was unsure if it was a good option for me.

As if by luck, Hire Fitness got in touch with me and when I saw they had a turbo trainer available for rental, I signed up!

    The process couldn’t have been simpler really; once you choose your equipment, you just arrange delivery. You’re also informed of your approximate collection date and left contact details should you need to update your rental or arrange an earlier collection to fit your schedule.

    The Turbo Trainer attaches to my regular road-bike (pictured above) so I can experience indoor cycling in the comfort of my own home. It allows the bike to move in the same way as it would outdoors, meaning I maintain an optimum cycling position and get used to being in the saddle through mimicking outdoor training.

    After reaching out to peeps on Twitter about training plans, I was pointed in the direction of the GCN YouTube channel which has sessions from 14 minutes to one hour so is the perfect way to start any training plan. I currently track the workouts I do on my Polar A360 (via heart rate) whilst I get the right set up in place to record RPM and cadence on the bike.

    I also fitted the Polar Bluetooth Speed & Cadence Sensors (get this Wahoo set which came recommended) to my bike but will only really be able to use those when I hit the road as the front wheel doesn’t rotate on the turbo trainer so its unable to take readings. Polar told me to check out these apps to sync with the sensors: Ride with GPS, Wahoo Fitness, Cyclemeter GPS, MapMyRide, Zwift, Strava & MapMyFitness.

    Have you used any of these apps?! Indoors, or outdoors?!



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