The Coffee Stop: Hackney Coffee Co.

Truly not in the spirit of being my usual self, I’ve taken to getting on my bike two Sunday’s in a row for long rides in training to take on my first ever sportive, L’Etape in September of this year. The main thing that has motivated me to get out of bed at 8am on a Sunday morning is the promise of stopping for coffee (…cake & even food too?!).

I started my morning of with a pot of Cuckoo Bircher Muesli (choco sour cherry with smooth madagascan vanilla) and an breakfast / oat / cereal bar thing …oh and I had another pot of bircher before bed the night before (elderflower and cranberry with blueberry and blackcurrant) so I think we can safely call that carb loading?! This mornings pot however, was consumed on the Underground whilst I travelled into East London to meet Sophie (of Fitology) for a casual ride along the canals.

I met Sophie at Springfield Park in Upper Clapton, Hackney and we continued north along the canal. The plan was to just cycle until we decided to turn back and when we did return to Springfield Park we rode into the centre of Hackney to check out Hackney Coffee Co. before heading home to enjoy the rest of the day on the sofa!

Hackney Coffee Co. 

499 Hackney Road, London, E2 9ED

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Okay, so the first difference between “riding” and commuting is that you a) don’t take a bike lock on a ride (it’s extra weight) and b) if your bike can’t go in, you can’t go in. Without checking, I just kinda assumed they would either have tables outside the shop or have a little garden or something where we could stow away our bikes. But I was wrong, and honestly, the lady in the shop looked at me like I was mad when I made the unreasonable request of bringing in our bikes. Lucky for all parties involved, they reluctantly obliged on this occasion.

Bikes comfortably placed out of everyones way, we proceeded to check out what was on offer. Most of the menu wasn’t actually on the board so being a “fussy” (?!?) eater (I’m lactose intolerant peeps, so goto know what’s in my food) I had to ask for the run down of what was in the sandwiches cos after 2.5 hours+ cycling, I had worked up an appetite!

I opted for the grilled Turkey, Pesto & Goats Cheese (yup, I can eat cheese) sandwich with an almond milk latte.

FIRST WE DRINK THE COFFEE || then we do the ride ?? then we drink more coffee ☕️ @fitology_uk and I hit up the canals in this beautiful ☀️and the found out way to this little gem @hackneycoffeeco for a pit stop before we wrap it up and hit the sofa for the afternoon! #keepitsimpElle #london #londonbloggers #cycling #coffee #hackney #eastlondon

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With minimal seating downstairs, they have a mezzanine with a couple tables and large sofa plus a little den with a few more tables and armchairs. We chilled out in the den until the mezzanine was free where it was brighter and lighter.

Sophie and I chatted away while I nommed my sandwich and inhaled my coffee (it looked super dark, but tasted pretty damn good). This little cafe seems to be a hidden gem for all those who live and socialise around Hackney.

Photos taken by my Narrative Clip 2 which takes pics at 30s intervals 😉

From there, it was a quick selfie to document my morning with Sophie before we parted ways for our respective sofas…

…if you wanna see more of Hackney Coffee Co. you’re gonna have to pop down there one of these days! The cakes looked pretty epic too!!

Got any recommendations for my next Coffee Stop?? 

…I’m gonna be hitting up Central & East London as well as West Essex in the months leading up to L’Etape (and beyond…)

Elle 🙂 


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