What’s Your Run Signature?

When it comes to running, I feel like we’ve all been schooled that there is a good way to run and there is a bad way to run. But much like everything else (like diet and exercise) maybe there is no one size fits all?! We are all different at the end of the day so why is it a surprise that maybe we should run the way our bodies have individually designed themselves to run?!

I’m lucky to have tried out an array of trainers over the years I’ve been working in fitness and when it came to running, I ended up relying on how I felt to determine if a shoe was for me or not. I could reel off a list of shoes that feel good to run in, but not great. And just recently, I got a deeper understanding of why that is when I visited Brooks to check out my ‘Run Signature’.

Run Signature is a relatively new fitting method that utilises leading-edge technology to assess the way a runner’s body wants to run and then recommends the right shoe to fit. It challenges the traditional approach we’re all used to as it’s very much a more holistic and individual view, combining biomechanics and desired experience from your running shoe.

This all fits well with the more intuitive footwear categories that Brooks created to take into account running experiences and support. The new categories – Cushion, Energise, Connect and Speed – resonate with runners of all abilities making it easier for you to find a shoe that fits the biomechanics and experience of your run; and this doesn’t just relate to Brooks running shoes themselves. The research behind this suggests that each and every one of us, no matter what level we run,  has our own unique way of running and by embracing our natural movement we can be more comfortable, efficient and happier.

Brooks recently took this concept out of the lab on their Run Signature Tour with a custom mobile app to analyse data from key motion zones of runners. It’s as simple as completing a squat and short run,  from which the app identifies the degree of change as more force is applied to the body. The degree of motion signifies the level of support needed to keep the runner’s body in its preferred position.

My analysis suggested a neutral shoe for me which I was happy with. I spent years running in supportive shoes which as I mentioned before felt good, but not great. I eventually switched over to an Energise shoe (in the neutral category) after attending an event and literally fell in love with one particular shoe which then took me on to run my Half Marathon PB back at Brighton Half Marathon in February 2015.

Brooks Launch 3 (Energise, Neutral) Photo Credit: Lolography

If you’re keen to see what your Run Signature is keep an eye out at your local running shop (or ask them to give Brooks a call?!) or at Brooks Sponsored Events.

If you’re up for running with me, I’ll be leading the new Winter Run Club from Shoreditch every Thursday evening! Check out my Facebook page for the weekly event information!

What difference does a running shoe make to you?! 

Elle 🙂 



  1. October 24, 2016 / 09:32

    I used to just buy the New Balance Running shoe at the local store that was on sale AKA cheapest…then I was training for a marathon and got plantar fascitis soooo bad! I started realizing a good (pricier usually) pair of shoes is so worth the investment. Now I go to the local running store where they do analyze your run…so worth it! It pays off big time!

    • Elle Linton
      October 30, 2016 / 19:38

      YES! It really is a big pay off in the end! and so worth it if it helps you to prevent injury and continue to enjoy running!!

  2. CARLA
    October 24, 2016 / 09:19

    THIS IS SO SO FASCINATING TO ME!Im doing my first full in april (shout out to my beloved Hokas :-)) and had never considered any of this before.

    • Elle Linton
      October 30, 2016 / 19:37

      Oooooog good luck with your training! …running a full marathon is prob the time you want to get clued up the most to help prevent injury, aid recovery and have the best possible experience on race day possible! Look forward to following your journey!

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